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Port Adelaide Ghost Crime Tour

Port Adelaide Ghost Crime Tour

Port Adelaide Ghost Crime Tour








Things we loved

  • Interesting stories of the local history
  • Seeing the old ground floor which is now a basement

Things we would reconsider

  • Seeing the inside of one or two more building would be great

Everyone loves a good ghost story. The early days of Port Adelaide, also known as Port Misery has led to many. And many of those came about through violence and crime. This walking tour of the port, which goes for over two hours takes you amongst and under historic buildings covering all manner of interestingly horrific crimes and the spiritual remnants of those violent events from our past. From the days when the hotels housed corpses, on a
competitive basis, to when corpses floated in the street all is exposed in the port’s, interesting, and damp past.

The range of stories and their associated spectres was varied, in some cases how visitors met and untimely end or how locals slowly, or rapidly as the case may be, came to an abrupt and gory end. How pieces of a skull can stop a train come to mind. Coverage of local madams, mayors and seafarers as well as a range of unsavoury locals fills in the walk.

The walking tour ends at one of the older buildings of the port, it’s dark and damp basement which used to be at ground level, now the home of a rather less than full bodied child which if you are lucky might make his presence known.

Overall this is an excellent walking tour, with a perfect mix of history, bloody crime and the super natural. Well worth it and as a bonus you’ll hit your daily step count whilst learning about misery in all of it’s forms.

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