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Paul Savage

Paul Savage








Things we loved

  • WWJD
  • A curious bible commentary

Things we would reconsider

  • Prepare for curiosities from the bible rather than "jokes" and you'll enjoy
  • The naughty Austral people need to be struck down by god for noise leakage from other rooms

Are you familiar with the question, What Would Jesus Do, or WWJD?

You might think this is a good measure of how to find the most pleasing way to act in a situation.

However, as Paul Savage demonstrates, you need to be very careful in imitating JC.

In fact, Paul’s review of many of the key passages of the bible, old testament and new testament, manages to uncover many absurdities that have been hidden in plain sight for 2,000 years.

Paul’s dad, a Baptist minister, once told him there is only one joke in the bible, which is what spurred him on to find others.

What he found was not a trove of jokes, as such, but rather, a collection of very weird and awkward scenarios which are glossed over or read with a special kind of aloofness within the confines of a church.

From father-fellating daughters to commentary upon the plumpness of breasts, there is much content exposed in this show that really stretches our understanding about how such texts could be deemed sacred.

Paul Savage weaves in a little audience participation along the way, especially after his opening sermon about how he is not here to convert anybody.

Instead, he takes bible material and miraculously converts them into snickers and chortles.

This show would best suit someone with a working knowledge of the bible.

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