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Not Your Average Asian Girl

Not Your Average Asian Girl








Things we loved

  • Incredible talent and stage presence
  • Hilarious and heartfelt

Things we would reconsider

  • Main vocalist not being heard over louder performers

Not Your Average Asian Girl, presented by o!ky productions, is a comedy cabaret that takes you on Kira’s journey outside her comfort zone, as she chases her dreams of love and musical theatre.

The entire show is written, directed, produced, and performed by the talented Kira Yang, and is filled to the brim with incredible comedic timing, impeccable song choices and amazing vocals. Featuring music from Taylor Swift, Chicago, Caberet, The Sound of Music and a whole lot more.

Having grown up with the strict expectations of Asian parents, she learns to smash through her shell at university and transform into a confident, loud, and sexy young woman. Helped along by her fellow musical theatre classmates, as they entertainingly teach Kira how to embrace the spotlight.

The entire cast was comprised of up-and-coming, talented and enthusiastic individuals, Sasha Simic, Darcy Mae, Sean Jackson, Aiden Wang and Jemmah Rattley, who all had remarkable vocals and a fun stage presence. Paul Sinkinson, as the musical director and accompanist, also performed amazingly.

The backing vocalists do occasionally drown out Kira’s voice when singing, as they are rather loud on their microphones. This is sometimes intentional, as Kira learns to be louder throughout the show, however, it is still true at near the end, when Kira has embraced her place on the stage.

The Nexus Arts was a great venue for the show, with the stage coming to life as the performers take you on a ride filled with laughter and inspiration.

Both hilarious and heartfelt, join Kira and sing along as she finally gets to shout, in this must-see comedy cabaret.

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