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Naked Girls Reading

Naked Girls Reading - review by The Adelaide Show Podcast

Naked Girls Reading








Things we loved

  • A good mix of readings
  • Naked girls reading

Things we would reconsider

  • Would love to see a little more theatrical development

In media culture, naked girls sit at the apex of what attracts human attention. So, what better than to use naked girls on stage to lure audiences into a tent to expose people to reading?

Burlesque bookworm, Luna, has a rotating cast of naked friends join her on stage for a different theme each night.

On the night of this review, the theme was feminism, given it was International Women’s Day.

While there were a couple of ideologically-driven academic pieces that did the usual opening with a bold statement before meandering in a circle from point to point to strawman until arriving at a more mundane position, like the one about reclaiming the word “slut”, there were some inspired selections that hit the sweet spot for a show that celebrates reading.

A poem by Sylvia Plath was one such highlight, as was the reading of Julia Gillard’s world-famous speech attacking Tony Abbott for his misogyny.

And this is the crux of this show. You just never know what will be served up because the theme changes each night and the “naked friends” add their eclectic twist to the selection of readings.

So, while the backdrop of the show is the feminine form, be clear before you come that the spotlight is most definitely be on the reading. If you’re seeking titilation, like I suspected a handful of audience members wanted, catch a show like Sex Factor.

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