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Mickster’s Magic Gadgets

Mickster's Magic Gadgets

Mickster's Magic Gadgets








Things we loved

  • Kids love the show
  • Some illusions will confound you

Things we would reconsider

  • The tent is challenging when it's 38 outside

The trick to enjoying Mickster’s Magic Gadgets is to set your expectations correctly.

This is a show for kids, particularly eary to mid primary school age, and my eight year old, when asked if she would recommend the show to friends said, yes, because he gives us so much fun.

What Mickster is doing is honouring the joys of childhood and giving kids an experience of timeless showmanship.

You, as the parent, will know what’s coming, most of the time (not always), and you will get to watch your kids be engaged by a professional trickster.

This show offers a mix of visual gags, some audio visual content for the “other characters” and some illusions that will confound you.

While I worked out one illusion, there were at least three others I thought I’d cracked, only to see that I was wrong.

From an opening that sets up the show with a bright mood and a touch of intrigue, to some novel audience engagement, and from appearing and disappearing birds to some sleight of hand with the odd explosion or two, Mickster The Trickster is best measured by the only barometer that matters; smiles on kids’ faces. And there were plenty.

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