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Kate Burr – Mum by name, not by number

Kate Burr – Mum by name, not by number - review by The Adelaide Show Podcast

Mum by name not by nature








Things we loved

  • Story telling approach to the show
  • Free, politically incorrect book!

Things we would reconsider

  • Could have gone into school challenges a bit more, parent /teacher meetings, sports days, lunchbox rules

We’ve all been there. Dropping the little horrors off at school and you’re the last one there.

Kate’s a bubbly but stressed mum and takes us through what it takes to remain sane in the post-childbirth modern age. From kindy spelling bees, an endless supply of “Why?” and nature days, she takes the audience through the humorous trials and tribulations of dealing with little humans.

However we soon discover all is not well in the Kate camp and the dark side of burying your pain and that laughter isn’t always the remedy.

The second half of the show takes an interesting turn and explores her path to gaining control over her life as it approaches breaking point. A bit less funny a bit more serious we soon delve into Venn diagrams and flip charts, a brave move which is pulled off well as she charts (literally) a path to recovery.

The laughs continue with an excerpt from her book of politically incorrect bedtime songs for bubs too young to understand the nuances of the English language but are content to hear mums voice, regardless of content.

The show finishes with a parable, reflecting her journey as a mother and gives hope that life as a mum might end up ok in the long run.

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