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John Bennett: Fire in the Meth Lab

Adelaide Fringe - John Bennett: Fire in the Meth Lab review by Nigel Dobson-Keeffe for The Adelaide Show Podcast

John Bennett: Fire in the Meth Lab








Things we loved

  • Bringing attention to our dumb drug laws
  • The therapy I now need, those images won’t go away – thanks Donovan

John has been around with this performance for a few years now and it’s a pity he’s not getting larger local crowds, considering his tale is local.

Extremely well performed, the story of how a fire in a meth lab was in some way a good thing is well worth hearing.

Mixing family drama and black comedy can be tricky but John gives a pretty authentic bittersweet story with a message on living with a challenging sibling, Tim.

From Belly Bucking, religious camps and secret addictions, John’s life with Tim slowly slides from addiction to addiction as the years go by.

John Bennett: Fire in the Meth Lab – Things get dark

Things can get dark with dead pets, bad trips however the real trauma comes with … Jason Donovan.

It is exquisitely ironic that Tim and Jason had one thing in common. Song writing ability you may suggest? No, neither had that as the audience was reminded however both had drug addiction issues if you can recall Donovan’s fall from grace.

One could be thinking this show needs a trigger warning and you would be correct, however not for the talk of drugs but for Donovan and a certain board game that basically traumatised, in a most hysterical way I might add, the entire audience.

John’s fast paced telling and visual extravaganza kept the audience spellbound, in the same way watching an out of control train derails into a school playground at lunchtime.

A really great show, put on passionately, well worth seeing and living a roller coaster ride or narrative and showing even meth addiction can have a silver lining and if there is a God, he works in extremely stuffed up ways.

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