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Innuendo Everwhere: Becky Blake and Steve Davis do it

Innuendo Everywhere: Becky Blake and Steve Davis do it








Things we loved

  • Great audience engagement
  • Fun and clever word play

Things we would reconsider

  • nothing to change

Innuendo’s truly are everywhere. From the vulgar, to the childish, to the just plain weird. Becky Blake and Steve Davis do them all in a mix of comedy and cabaret that had the audience literally scream for more.

Becky is the lead singer of Australian show band Chunky Custard, where she is most well known as Miss Candy Bar. She has also performed Cabaret shows during the Fringe in the past as the Piano Chick. Suffice to say, she has a strong voice and great skill in eyeing up the audience with each new double entendre that spills from her mouth.

The Adelaide Show Podcast’s very own Steve Davis offers astounding hilarity to the show, with his various characters, ukulele skills and a touch of physical comedy. His word play and pauses at just the right time while staring an audience member down makes the experience even better.

With a sense of fun cheekiness, the duo pulls the audience into the world of double meanings. Children’s shows, bird watching, school and the arts, innuendos can and will be found everywhere. The two will blow you away with the places double entendre are uncovered.

This is the kind of show where you’re encouraged to join in on the fun. Sing along to the songs and contribute to the show by doing your innuendo school homework sheet before it starts.

There were more segments and costume changes than expected, with songs and ‘sponsorships’ placed between, but it all flowed well together with laughs the whole way through.

Steve and Becky explore both classic, clever innuendo’s and their newer more vulgar forms found on the internet and Urban Dictionary. This hour-long discovery of the art of the tongue is great fun for everyone, though maybe don’t bring the kids.

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