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Gruffalo review by Steve Davis The Adelaide Show Podcast









Things we loved

  • Creative set and props
  • Ingenious vocalisations
  • An engaging theatre experience for all

Things we would reconsider

  • Nothing to change.

Don’t dream about seeing some DreamBIG Festival shows, stop what you’re doing and get to the Dunstan Playhouse today or tomorrow (or Wednesday and Thursday in Port Lincoln) to experience Gruffalo.

Gruffalo is a physical theatre/musical theatre rendering of Julia Donaldson’s and Axel Scheffler’s book, which seems to be known and loved by every family.

This is sublime theatre, let alone children’s theatre, combining all the elements you would expect in a show pitched at ages 4-8 but performed with brilliant energy and polish.

Yes, we have our audience involvement moments (what was that, I can’t hear you) but this show lifts the whole genre with its clever use of real time sound effects and percussive punctuation delivered by the actors and its imaginative and ingenious combination of smart props that lure our imaginations into the deep, dark wood.

It is a joy to spend an hour in the wood with Mouse, Fox, Owl, Snake, and, maybe, just maybe, a Gruffalo (if they exist, that is).

As children join in with well-loved refrains from the book, we experience the enduring power of storytelling as this tale from a book unfolds on the stage. Bravo!

Parents, teachers, and guardians who fear they are going to have to “sit through” a kids’ show, you are in for a treat. This show is worth FINDING some children to take along so you have an “excuse” for seeing it.

There is no wonder this show had sell out seasons on Broadway and in the West End.

All the characters are wonderfully played and the players have made the Wood their home; they certainly earn their post-show dinner!


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