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Frehd the Clown: Stripped Bare

Frehd The Clown: Stripped Bare. Adelaide Fringe review by Nigel for The Adelaide Show Podcast

Frehd the Clown: Stripped Bare








Things we loved

  • Enthralling
  • Damn funny

Things we would reconsider

  • Bum crumbs

Yeah…didn’t really read the full name of the show, nor check the rating. Which was a pleasant surprise but that comes later.

Frehd was our clown for the night.

Our own personal clown, slowly revealing herself.

Starting at the beginning, which is always a good place to start, with some pornographic balloon work. we commenced with her leaving behind the life of children’s party clown.

Her gradual descent as a bright clown with a darker future slowly inflated through the school years before bursting forth as a hyperactive purple butterfly. No… Literally…purple…butterfly. It was great.

Time in the circus with perfect running off to the circus symmetry and soon the darker aspects of adult clowning adult clowning emerged.

Bum crumbs are a thing

The detailed demonstration of suitably pornographic body moulding, who would have thought but yeah, clowns!, was stickily gross and funny.

And evidently bum crumbs are a thing.

Yep, therapy, so cheap, so available, so for this reviewer, Frehd, I hold you totally responsible for the image that won’t depart my mind’s eye.

The stories of her life with the clown prince were damn funny, cars of cannabis, bubbles and the ongoing slide into clown pandemonium.

As they say *, “all good dystopian stories come to an end,” and only from the bottom can you swim to the top and Frehd revealed her true self, figuratively and literally.

An excellent and funny show to a packed house showing there’s always a low in a clown.

(*) might not say that

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