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Fabien Clark

Adelaide Fringe Fabien Clark - review by Nigel for The Adelaide Show Podcast

Fabien Clark








Things we loved

  • Open and genuinely funny stories
  • Another near full room

Things we would reconsider

  • The air-conditioner blowing on my neck

Don’t mistake his looks, which are due to poor hygiene, for spirituality.

However as a mode of transport through the journey of men’s feelings (don’t worry, this bit doesn’t last long) his empathy with the male train wreck of life indeed shines through. A compelling and genuinely funny story

A compelling and genuinely funny story teller, Fabien takes us through the post-separation landscape of dating a second time around.

The audience gains an insight into avoiding, or not, the relationship traps of friends trying to hitch him up in their quest to return him to the stable of the hitched.

Bundles of joy

As fate intervenes we are investigating the difference between a “babymoon” and a honeymoon, the former with its awkward questions of feelings and not so much fun.

He also tears away the illusion of the new baby smell, revealing it for the true horrors of mind control and disaster camouflaging bliss.

Tips on living with your mum whilst dating can easily apply to first-time daters as well as repeat offenders whilst the benefits of sports media training comes into play with the aforementioned discussions on feelings.

Fabien makes the time fly and his show cracks on at good pace finishing as you’re getting comfortable with the idea of dating again, either as pre-emptive strike or a first time practice run.

His storytelling and comedy is quite enthralling and well worth seeing so catch him before his shows end.

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