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Pat McCaffrie: Pat Riot

Pat McCaffrie: Pat Riot review by The Adelaide Show Podcast

Pat McCaffrie: Pat Riot








Things we loved

  • It’s political humour about Australian politicians

Things we would reconsider

  • Maybe some reference to our own local clown politicians

Managing to slip under the Border Watch radar, Pat returned to a less criminally influenced Producers this year to continue his political humour.

Bringing us up to speed with some local news and then amusingly outing half the (disappointingly small) crowd including this reviewer, we settled into hearing what was new with the world of Arts students and Australian politics.

Mark Latham (who is that you ask?) probably got his only media mention this year.

Pat looked behind the screen of controversy of exactly what needs segregating in swimming pools these days with the answer of probably nothing.

Going over the whole citizenship train wreck revived that particular trauma we had to suffer, and suffer … and suffer, as Pat reminded us that anything with half a brain and the ability to spell “review everyone” was the solution everyone, apart from the pollies, seemed to grasp.

Obviously and with the feeling of impending doom he covered the current Barnaby Juice situation noting a much better likeness to sweet potato than beetroot helped convey that visual horror which is currently plaguing the news feeds of this fair land.

The same sex survey political bandwagon was humorously covered with some musings of exactly how far hypocrisy can be thrust into a confession box.

He followed up with the hot potato topic this year of Australia Day and some of the incredibly deeply insightful comments found in the letters to the editor of our newsprint. Yes, as bad as one can imagine and we were left with the inability to think of “White Australia” in exactly the same way every again.

After 400 (ok, it seems like forever) days of the Orange Clown I was surprised by Pat’s lack of reference. However, that material is basically self-produced these days without the need for any additional comedic input and as good as Pat is, even he couldn’t make up some of that shit. No-one could, sadly.

The show was a little light on for material however the glory days of Australian politics was covered, hitting the high, or should be low, points of the past 12 months.

PS Melbourne eh? That’ll be noted and passed onto the Visa review board in 2019…

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