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I’m Fine – Lucy Gransbury

I’m Fine – Lucy Gransbury - Review by The Adelaide Show Podcast

I’m Fine – Lucy Gransbury








Things we loved

  • Buying our loyalty with chocolate

Things we would reconsider

  • More Lucy

Starting off with a hilarious meditation tape, Lucy soon has us in stitches as she explores the funny side of anxiety. With a quick review of laughter types we are into her world of worrying about things that are not real. We are warned we might have come to learn something but will be leaving with a sense of regret. The only regret for the next 45 minutes was knowing the show and laughs would eventually end.

With a disturbing teenage fetish with Ian Thorpe and teeth we are introduced to the therapist called “Rolf”. Unfortunate name that… We learn that she might have an abnormal collection of feelings for inanimate objects too. After the first hilarious song we are back into more therapy for her anxiety, therapy that probably doesn’t help with anxiety, along with the Zoloft that might.

More rewritten and very well sung songs later and we move onto the highlight of the show writing porn. As an audience participation activity! Totally winning at this stage. Seeking help from the audience for making a big break into the erotic fiction category on Amazon she walks the audience through a series of questions whose answers, I’m sure, will lead to winning piece of literature. The first reading defiantly had the audience laughing and after a final song Lucy fled through the side door leaving the audience well satisfied.

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