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How to Drink Wine like a Wanker

How to drink wine like a wanker. A review by The Adelaide Show Podcast

How To Drink Wine Like A Wanker








Things we loved

  • The pacing of a wine tasting and a narrative
  • Better sounding and more grounded in wankiness reality than Steve. 😉

Things we would reconsider

  • Add a Shiraz to be extra special wanky
  • More of the story as an executive to highlight the horror of that career

The concept was novel, wine tasting matched with the narrative of a change in life’s direction. For an extra $10 you could experience the wines the show was crafted around and I would recommend this option.

Every week on The Adelaide Show podcast we review wine, and the question on my mind was, “Could Anna match Steve’s wankiness?”

From the life of a corporate executive lackey and the all too typical fall for reasons unrelated to the job, Anna takes us along the trajectory of what should have been a career highlight through the abrupt and unexpected ending.

The adjectives flowed along with the wine and questions. Is Riesling the best wine to end a career with? Is Fiano a wine or some strange sexual aberration you perform on a sultry Roussanne. Why is a Grenache everything a Pinot pretends to be? Was Anna the Merlot of the corporate world, the taken for granted but reliable workhorse, ignored with no gold medals at the final grand show?

As per a good movie, Anna sets the stage and introduces the characters, starts on a journey before the mid-term depths of despair and the recovery with a false start before the final glorious flight of her performance. The performance you are watching. Very much ‘Save the Cat’, the comfortable stalwart of Hollywood narratives that bring in success. And with wine!

2017 appears to have been her vintage when her career grew legs and she eloped with a new sense of direction and passion.

In summary, plenty of herbaceous and earthy tones showing a great terroir in a well-executed and very charismatic show.

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