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Crazy Chicken Nerd

Crazy Chicken Nerd - Review by The Adelaide Show Podcast

Crazy Chicken Nerd








Things we loved

  • Real live dinosaurs walking around

Things we would reconsider

  • More Nerd
  • What happened with the Venn diagram?

What more can one say, there really was a chicken!

And though she works as a traffic controller, Jenny still hasn’t seen a chicken cross the road.

She takes us into her amusing world of chickens, from the first sad story of chickens to the more recent extravagances of … more chickens.

As the story of her life progresses we are introduced to a Partridge Silky called Willow who wanders around Biggies Basement looking for popcorn and mealworms.

The only way to talk of a chicken’s cloaca is via comedy as it’s all a little too weird otherwise.

We learnt more than enough about chickens to get through a standard quiz night, from their digestive system to chicken sex, the “Cloacal Kiss”. All related to in an affable manner considering the topic.

It’s a pretty funny show although there are limits as too how funny chickens can be however Jenny finishes off an amusing and interesting night with an audience participation dance.

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