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A Lunchtime MBA

A Lunchtime MBA








Things we loved

  • Hilarious and captivating personalities
  • Amazing food

Things we would reconsider

  • Some topics could be longer

Join Steve Davis’s captivating personality as Professor Longsword from The MBA School Of MBA Credentials, with Wendy Torbet as his entertaining assistant, Paige Turner, in their hilarious new show all about business and marketing, and this one comes with a lunch!

Framed as a combination of a school’s opening speech and a lecture, Professor Longsword takes you on a satirical journey of the creation and application of the worlds quickest Master of Business Administration. He teaches you how to use the ever-important skills of MBA thinking and C.A.S.H., and how to apply them to your life. Saving time by combing the main meal and dessert in quick business lunches is only the start of the Professors achievements, which some may even get to try.

The Professor even goes into details of what an MBA really is and breaks down what career aspirations you can achieve with this degree. From the boring economist and the hierarchy of leadership to the hiring and firing process and how cricket balls can liven up your office space. With a 100% success rate you are guaranteed a degree before you even attend.

The venue, Treasury 1860, is on the smaller side, so there’s limited seats available for each show. However, for those that want to go for the premium option of lunch and the show, the food was great and served quicker than you’d expect.

Whether you already have your MBA, want one or have never even considered getting one, this show is for you. Though some jokes are aimed at an older target audience, especially those who are business minded, the food is worth the occasional confusion. Come for the lunch, and leave with an MBA* and a belly full of laughter.



*Degree not recognised by most major educational institutions.

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