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A Fabulous Teleportation Experiment

A fabulous teleportation experiment - review by The Adelaide Show Podcast

A Fabulous Teleportation Experiment








Things we loved

  • Good illusions
  • Healthy, upfront references to science and misdirection

Things we would reconsider

  • Some of the explanations about space/time were a little obscure - would love the Professor to find a way to polish that more

In A Fabulous Teleportation Experiment, an endearing traveller of space and time accidentally ends up in Adelaide.

He is from another planet many, many years into the future and a long way away.

So, while he has a 45-minute window of opportunity to be with us, he demonstrates how he can fool our senses with science and magic.

Professor Ulric has a warm stage persona and the audience in the almost-packed-out tent, Cornucopia at Gluttony (thankfully, well air-conditioned), responded well to his stagecraft.

His magnetic personality was also responsible for fierce competition to go on stage in a number of audience-participation scenes. This reviewer was one of them, too, holding aloft a red curtain for the Professor’s finale.

Through sleight-of-hand, misdirection, and some fun blobs and smoke thanks to “science”, this audience of Adelaideans made our visitor welcome and were handsomely entertained in the process.

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