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2023 Adelaide Fringe Form Guide 5 – Steve Davis On FIVEaa

2023 Adelaide Fringe Form Guide - Steve Davis On FIVEaa

Throughout the 2023 Adelaide Fringe, Steve Davis will be sharing tips about shows to investigate, especially South Australian grassroots shows, to help punters try something a little different.

The segment today, happened at 1:50pm with Richard Pascoe. Steve’s notes are below, covering these shows:

Kids Picks – Adelaide Fringe Form Guide

Children Are Stinky

Children Are Stinky is an award-winning kids show that ‘s been running for almost 10 years, which just shows, when  you’re on a good thing, you stick to it.

The story revolves around performers, April Dawson and Kyle Raftery, trying to prove that children are lazy, unmotivated, and stinky, among other things.

As you can probably guess, they don’t end up proving their thesis, which possibly means their argument skills stink!

It’s ridiculous, high calibre circus, with plenty of belly laughs and a rocking soundtrack.

On at the garden for the weekend.


Comedy Picks – Adelaide Fringe Form Guide

300 Paintings

Is art a joke?

This is the question at the heart of the show, 300 Paintings.

Comedian Sam Kissajukian takes you through 300 paintings he made in 5 months of isolation.

It’s basically a comedian’s take on art, the artistic process, mental health and it’s ties to creativity.

And it’s won a heap of awards including the 2022 Sydney Fringe Festival Award for Best Comedy and Directors Choice Award.

It’s on at The Mill in Angas Street.


Music Picks – Adelaide Fringe Form Guide

OK Boomer – Protest Songs Of A Generation

Join Adelaide’s “Sneaky Little Band” playing a collection of protest songs of the “Boomer” generation that are every bit as relevant today, while a visual narrative plays on a large screen.

The “Baby Boomers” have written some incredible songs over the years and this event will showcase some of the standout numbers.

“The Sneaky Little Band” is a collection of some of Adelaide’s finest and most experienced musical theatre artists.

The performers on stage deliver a full “fat” sounding horn section, virtuoso guitar with excellent vocalists delivering sweet, technical harmonies to a crafted visual backdrop interwoven with some quiet, single “Dylan-esque” moments with the archetypal single-guitar with a vocalist and harmonica.

The event can be described as “nostalgic” and “thought provoking.

One session left, tomorrow night, at Payinthi in Prospect.


Tom Van Collins – The Ultimate Experience

Tom Jones, Van Morrison and Phil Collins are three iconic artists whose hits are performed together in one show.

These artists created BIG songs over many decades, so they will lend themselves to being immortolized live on stage.

It’s being put on at the Top of the Ark at the Arkaba on Monday afternoon by Red Earth Records, the same people who bring us the Credence Clearwater Revival each year.


WILDCARD – Adelaide Fringe Form Guide


Quantum mechanics has some people believing in a Many Worlds theory of reality, which means all possible versions of all worlds is happening all at once.

That means that when you make a dumb move, you can rest assured there’s another version of you somewhere that is winning.

FLIGHT is a show that tries to give you an experience of this “reality”.

You basically get into a shipping container that is decked out like the inside of a jet aeroplane, slip on your headphones and then go for the ride of your life in complete darkness.

They’ve created a 360 degree soundscape that propels the story along.

It runs about 25 minutes most late afternoons and evenings at The Garden.


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