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2 Cats On A Hot Fringe Roof – Audience Review Night Six

2 Cats On A Hot Fringe Roof

2 Cats On A Hot Fringe Roof - Audience Review Night Three








Things we loved

  • Meals and drinks laid the foundation for high spirits
  • Warm and engaged

Things we would reconsider

  • One of Steve's relations from Karoonda saying, I've seen worse 😉

The elements conspired last night to create a five star send off for 2 Cats On A Hot Fringe Roof.

The Historian Hotel’s chef, Daniel, had his busiest night of the season, serving hearty pub meals to prepare the audience for a night of laughter. He also starred at the end of the show, to draw the winner of the wine tour competition (Alison Gillard).

Another omen foretelling a good night ahead was the flurry of creativity with the tried-and-true Mr Squiggle doodles. As you’ll see below, some were simply inspired.

And then there was the performance.

While there was a generous level of laughter all round, there were pockets of theatre goers who simply laughed and chuckled throughout the whole show. This was stellar work.

In short, the spirit of last night’s audience carried the show and should have sent everybody home smiling. Well done and thank you.

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