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2 Cats On A Hot Fringe Roof – Audience Review Night One

2 Cats On A Hot Fringe Roof - Audience Review Night One

2 Cats On A Hot Fringe Roof - Audience Review Night One








Things we loved

  • Warm crowd
  • Very engaged in content

Things we would reconsider

  • One heckler ruined a perfect score

They say it only takes one bad egg to spoil the batch and that happened last night, costing the Opening Night audience of 2 Cats On A Hot Fringe Roof a perfect score.

On the whole, the audience was a very supportive group with most taking up the option of buying a meal + show ticket. As a result, great atmosphere built in the Historian Hotel’s downstairs bar as bright, chipper ticketholders chatted with fellow travellers at neighbouring tables. Anne Wills certainly brightened the room even further, as she flitted, jingled, and jangled, from table to table, with laughter echoing inside the thick, colonial-era walls.

Family, friends, media reviewers, and lovers of nostalgia, all filed upstairs to the transformed restaurant area and quickly settled in for the show.

The experiment of structured heckling went well, except for one outlandish punter, Kevin Stevens, an old friend of Ralf Hadzic’s, who couldn’t contain his impulses and tried interjecting on three occasions. Sadly, for the Audience of Night One, that third strike cost some points and what was going to be another shiny gong for Anne Wills’ mantlepiece, had to be marked down as slightly soiled; rules are rules.

What clawed back some of those points was the generous way the audience accepted the Opening Night unknowns, such as Ralf’s gatecrashing of Steve’s set, and the show running over time. With some nipping and tucking, all will be well for the Audience of Night Two. How will they perform?

Another element that regained points for last night’s audience was the burst of creativity, turning some pretty obscure squiggles into some intriguing images.


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