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2 Cats On A Hot Fringe Roof – Audience Review Night Five

2 Cats On A Hot Fringe Roof night five

2 Cats On A Hot Fringe Roof - Audience Review Night Three








Things we loved

  • A thoughtful audience
  • Youngest audience member yet
  • Clever Mr Squiggle doodles with flair

Things we would reconsider

  • Two unruly members held up a "naughty corner" placard which itself was naughty

Don’t let anybody tell you that audiences have their own personalities.

Last night’s audience at 2 Cats On A Hot Fringe Roof was another large gathering of strangers seeing the same show as previous groups had but was quieter.

However, what was most satisfying was how that quietness was related to thoughtful engagement.

There were early signs this heightened engagement was going to be the case because two attendees brought a homemade placard saying, “naughty corner”. That level of preparation was unprecedented in this run of 2 Cats On A Hot Fringe Roof.

A number of elements got hearty applause which had previously only yielded laughter; a sign of an audience taking its job seriously.

As an interesting side note, last night’s audience also contained the youngest member yet. Young Harry attended and he is about five months old and quietly absorbed the atmosphere and finished the night with a beaming smile and wide eyes hungry for more.

And, of course, it would be a shame not to mention the audience’s superb Mr Squiggle efforts. Bravo.

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