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395 – Redgum-flavoured Mid Year South Australian Politics Pulse Check

395 - Redgum-flavourerd Mid Year South Australian Politics Pulse Check. Steve Davis with John Schumann in a mock political poster, and the same with Robert Godden.

In this special mid-year episode of The Adelaide Show, we’re taking the political temperature of South Australia with a mid-winter pulse check.

You’ll be sitting in on a unique and eclectic political analysis with our in-house pollster, Robert Godden. Inspired by the poignant lyrics of Redgum, we’ll dissect the mood of the electorate and explore burning issues from nuclear energy debates to the controversies of political donations and the ongoing strain on South Australia’s hospital system. We’ll also debate the legacy of Frome and the critical funding battles between sports and the arts.

The SA Drink Of The Week this week is the new Australian whisky released by 23rd Street.

And in the Musical Pilgrimage, we feature the new song from Alison Newman, which delves into PND.

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Running Sheet: Redgum-flavoured Mid Year South Australian Politics Pulse Check

00:00:00 Intro


00:03:02 SA Drink Of The Week

For our SA Drink of the Week segment, we’re diving into the craftsmanship behind 23rd Street Distillery‘s pioneering Australian Whisky.

23rd Street has taken quality Australian barley, and then distilled it using two different, historic copper pot stills, amplifying the whisky’s natural flavours and aromatic oils. Each batch boasts a robust palate of biscuity malt, vanillin oak, and toasty undertones.

This whisky is matured in ex-Bourbon barrels and richly seasoned Tawny barrels.

Join us as whisky aficionado David Olney helps us explore this bold, new addition to the 23rd Street lineup.

00:16:26 The Redgum-flavoured Political Pulse Check With Robert Godden

Having seen footage of Premier Peter Malinauskus sleeping rough on a winter’s night, it gave us pause for thought. What are his chances of staying ensconced in the warm and comforting rooms and hallways of Parliament House after the next election vs his risk of being tossed into the street? We figured it was time to check in with our in-house political pollster, Robert Godden, for his unique and eclectic range of political tea leaf reading.

Robert, is it possible to start with your reading of the mood of the electorate, or, should I say, state?

Here are some issues to give our discussion some structure, given some context by Redgum:

  1. I’d like to start with some Redgum lyrics (Enrich the oxide out of Port Pirie, And the toxic gases they won’t even see, But where ya gonna go, When the North wind blows, Where ya gonna run to now?). Of course, this relates to the ongoing debate that never seems to reach its half life; nuclear power. Federal Opposition Leader Peter Dutton’s calls for nuclear energy is raising heat levels within South Australian Liberal ranks.
  2. Some more Redgum lyrics (Electioneering’s such a bore, Three months of bending ears, Thank Christ I only see you yobbos, Once every three years). Of course, that’s four years in SA but when we think elections we have to think about all the political donations helping to prop up the different teams. What do you think of the South Australian government’s proposal to ban political donations?
  3. More Redgum lyrics (Life wasn’t meant to be impossible, Spare us the indignity, Two cheers for progress, reason denied, Whitewash and platitudes are all I can find). Does this relate to concerns about the strain on South Australia’s hospital system, with the government releasing a new ad campaign to reduce pressure on emergency departments.
  4. More Redgum lyrics (We went looking for Australia In between the TV lines, ‘Cause the ABC just couldn’t make it real, Colour documentary From a beanbag on the floor Never shows as much as it conceals), this brings us to Frome and what he was really like and whether we should cancel him as the namesake of one of our electorates, as requested by Upper House MP Reggie Martin.
  5. More Redgum lyrics (Yes we know it was the festival of art and all that stuff, And the culture vultures still sat on the fence, Before you put your bum on those plush red seats take, a look in your backyard, Don’t we need some changes in this town?) One of the big changes is more funding for the arts, with the government facing criticism that it prioritises sports over the arts. Discuss.

01:06:05 Musical Pilgrimage

In the Musical Pilgrimage, we feature a song by Alison Newman, Things Are About To Get Dark.

Experience a deeply personal musical journey with Alison Newman in our Musical Pilgrimage. Her EP “WOLF” confronts the challenging themes of postnatal depression, likened to a haunting dance with the Wolf of PND. Each track narrates a phase of her struggle and recovery, encapsulating the dark yet ultimately hopeful journey through a mix of melodramatic sounds and profound lyrics. This segment is not just a song feature; it’s a testament to the resilience found in seeking help and the power of discussing mental health openly.

The track we’re hearing retells Alison’s experience from the moment she experienced her first PND symptoms, it is a forboding moment of realisation, it is going to happen all over again.

This track won the Australian Songwriters Association 2021 Exceptional Merit Award in the Rock/Indie Category

Here’s this week’s preview video

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