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383 – Adelaide Remembers Nostalgia With Don Violi

383 - Adelaide Remembers Nostalgia With Don Violi

Coopers Stout And Lemonade, Mix Them Up You’ll Be Amazed, That’s A Portagaff  You’ve Made, As We Celebrate Adelaide

We round off our month of Tuesdays to mark 10 years of The Adelaide Show with a nostalgia panel, featuring Colin Richard, Brett Monten, and one of our most loved guests, Don Violi – hairdresser to the stars!

Much is covered and discussed, from the emergence of Rundle Mall to the making of Sunday Too Far Away, from Bazz and Pilko causing mayhem at 5AD to the Clifton Pugh nude Adam and Eve stobie pole controversy.

Chris Warman created a TV studio out of Don Violi’s living room to make the live broadcast happen!

There SA Drink Of The Week in this episode is a Portagaff, and we even attempt recreating the famous jingle.

And in the Musical Pilgrimage, Courtney Robb is our featured artist.

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Running Sheet: Adelaide Remembers Nostalgia With Don Violi

00:00:00 Intro


00:03:23 SA Drink Of The Week

Classic beverages – West End, Southwark, Coopers (including those Portagaf ads – I plan to bring some stout and lemonade to make some as our drink of the week)

Finbarr who is a member of the BigFooty community made some interesting comments about the Coopers Portagaff ad.
“Coopers Stout and lemonade… mix ‘em up, you’ll be amazed. That’s a Portagaff you’ve made, with Coopers Stout and lemonade….”
I know it particularly well because it was my dads best friend and my godfather who starred in the ad and sang the jingle. (Don Barker. Aka Detective Sgt Harry White in Homicide.)
I wish that ad was on YouTube. He sang one verse in a manly voice dressed in manly clothes, the next in a falsetto voice and a white suit, then they had the split screen of the two singing a duet.

David Fuller was the ad man responsible for the Portagaff ad. According to SA Life: The ad for Coopers Stout and lemonade — “mix them up, you’ll be amazed” — was a stick-in-your-head jingle that was another of Fuller’s early efforts. It was recorded for a cost of $720 and ran for six or seven years.

00:26:59 Nostalgia Discussion

Topics for discussion:

Don Violi on cutting Don Dunstan’s hair (along with commentary about hairdressing icons of Adelaide, and his work cutting Jack Thompson’s hair along with other cast members of Sunday Too Far Away)

The Clifton Pugh stobie pole controversy – nude Adam and Eve at Don’s new hair salon in the 80s – got worldwide coverage and Don Dunstan opened it

Opening of Rundle Mall, and the redirection of traffic away from Devil’s Elbow

The restaurant explosion – move away from buffets and dinner dances (Hilton with Cheong Liew, the revolving restaurant, Chloes, Don Giovanni, even a naughty one I remember)

Birdman Rally, Soapbox Derby

Bazz and Pilko (some of their hijinks)

Touch Of Elegance

Pat Davies Figurama Slimming Salon (and other fashion/fad icons)

01:26:11 Musical Pilgrimage

Our featured song this episode is Reckless Moment by Courtney Robb.

This song was chosen by Brett Monten and Steve waxes lyrical about Courtney’s wonderful musical gifts.

Here’s this week’s preview video

There was no preview video for this episode.

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