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380 – Reflecting On 10 Years Of Adelaide Show Podcast Community With Owen Eastwood

380 Belonging With Owen Eastwood - The Adelaide Show 10th Birthday Episode

The Adelaide Show Podcast began life as Another Boring Thursday Night In Adelaide 10 Years Ago

Tonight, to mark our 10th birthday, we chat with special guest, Owen Eastwood, who helps us reflect on the deeper theme of Belonging, which is something at the core of what this podcast is all about. This has been a community-focussed endeavour and Owen manages to highlight its structure and set out some principles for starting or strengthening your own community.

The SA Drink Of The Week is a special bottle from 2016.

And in the Musical Pilgrimage, Suedan takes us along Route 31.

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Running Sheet: Reflecting On 10 Years Of Adelaide Show Podcast Community With Owen Eastwood

00:00:00 Intro

Here’s the plan for our 10th birthday Month Of Episodes.

Tonight, it’s Owen Eastwood.

Next Tuesday night, we will release our first Retrospective episode with the boys who created our original manifestation of Another Boring Thursday Night In Adelaide.

The following Tuesday night, the second Restrospective episode will feature Nigel Dobson.

And the final Retrospective will feature Adelaide hairdresser and trivia extraordinaire, Don Violi.

At the time of recording, the current wording on the homepage of our website distills the meaningful, human insights that Owen Eastwood shares in his work. It reads:

Welcome to The Adelaide Show podcast community. You are not alone.

There are hundreds of fellow South Australians awaiting you in our episodes. Have a listen. Many of them will inspire you to continue (or discover) an endeavour that fulfills you.

We have a great community here in South Australia. While it’s not perfect, it has sustained many people to build connections and follow passions in ways have enabled our state to punch above its weight on the world stage.

But as Dr Jane Goodall said back in episode 42, the best way to make our world a better place is to start with the square metre you’re standing on, and build from there.

To help you find “your people”, we’ve sorted our episodes into categories. If you browse the list below you’ll be able to start with themes and topics closer to your heart.

That said, in the process of putting the passion of South Australia on centre stage, we uncover some surprising people an insights, so we also encourage you to chance your arm and listen to some random episodes. It might just be what you needed to hear.

If this is your first listen. Welcome. I hope you enjoy this and feel encouraged to explore other episodes, as well as let friends know about The Adelaide Show. If you’re a regular, thank you very very much. Knowing you are there and occasionally hearing from you is a very important part of a community endeavour like this.

It’s been hard work, but it’s been an absolute joy, and it has introduced me to many many people and places throughout South Australia. There’s more where they came from. How much longer will this continue? I do not know. But for now, I intend to keep making every conversation count and I will continue to be grateful for every minute you let me put the passion of South Australia on centre stage.

00:08:37 SA Drink Of The Week

We have a special wine this episode, the 2016 Zema Estate Cabernet Sauvignon.

It’s special because one of my fondest memories was the road trip Nigel Dobson and I took down to Mount Gambier to record a special interview with Maria and Walter from Caffe Belgiorno. On that night, we drank the same wine, but it was a 2012.

You can relive that night, here: Episode 139, Mount Gambier Is Noyce Ployce: Stories From Caffe Belgiorno.

00:14:21 Belonging with Owen Esastwood

Owen Eastwood is an author and performance coach, among other things, who happens to be a New Zealander of Māori descent. He works with some of the world’s leading athletes, sporting teams, business leaders, entrepreneurs and performing artists. Over summer, I read his book, Belonging, The Ancient Code of Togetherness, and it has profoundly impacted my life, not least for Owen’s engaging description of Whakapapa, a Māori idea which embodies our universal human need to belong. They say hindsight is 20:20 vision and as I look back on 10 years of creating my passion project, The Adelaide Show, I can’t help be think I’ve missed the bullseye of making something truly grounded in community. To that end, I’m honoured to have Owen on the line from the UK to distill his concepts of Community and Belonging, and hopefully tease out some approaches to grounding this, or any future projects, more squarely within one’s community.

Owen, I truly recommend our listeners to read your book, Belonging, but for the purposes of this interview, I fear I need to ask you to help define a few terms and lay some foundations.

The first is a definition of Whakapapa.

The second is that moment when you became aware of the power of being told, you belong.

In your book, your sports stories are superb but working with the commanders of NATO was a really grounding way of applying your approach to community. Can you explain what you did with them and what impact it had?

How do you define the human urge to belong? I think you gave it great context in the sandpaper affair when Australia played South Africa in test cricket?

How aware or ignorant are we of our need to belong, especially in light of Prof Anna Lembke’s book, Dopamine Nation, in which she says we have pleasure on tap. Is that numbing our awareness?

How did you interpret the more recent controversy of Australia’s wicketkeeper, Carey, stumping or running out England’s Bairstow?

I am watching the women’s FIFA world cup. I get a strong sense that the Matilda’s seem to have some bond that seems more than just wanting to win for a team. What signs do you look for through the filter of Whakapapa or community?

Now, the big question for The Adelaide Show.

I feel like I have glanced the surface of community. What questions, what thinking, what conversations can help ground a community endeavour?

00:58:09 Musical Pilgrimage

Our featured song this episode is La La by Suedan.

Suedan is a dynamic blues and roots duo formed in 2016 by Sue and Dan, two talented musicians with a passion for creating soul-stirring music. Dan’s mesmerizing vocals and intricate cigarbox guitar skills come together harmoniously ,while the rhythmic beats of the cajon add depth to their sound. With their heartfelt storytelling and electrifying performances ,SUEDAN has captivated audiences and established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the blues music scene. Their unique blend of traditional blues with a modern twist sets them apart and leaves a lasting impression on anyone who has the pleasure of experiencing their music.

Route 31 Coastal Drive takes in the 31kms of our beautiful coastline (yes, you guessed it, that’s the connection to the name), from O’Sullivan Beach to Sellicks Beach and everywhere in between. From holiday favourites to hidden gems, this stunning stretch of coastline is a must visit for your next road trip.

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