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376 – From Adelaide To The USA With Love And America Josh

From Adelaide To The USA With Love And America Josh - Steve Davis - The Adelaide Show Podcast

Josh Pugh, an Adelaidean living in New York, describes himself as a computer nerd who loves to talk, which makes him unique!

America celebrated Independence Day earlier this week, on the Fourth of July, so while the spotlight was on the US we thought it would be the perfect time to catch up with New York-based Adelaidean, Josh Pugh aka America Josh, to get a sense of the South Australian expat community in the Big Apple as well as reflect on some comparisons between life there and here.

The SA Drink Of The Week is a gold medal wine, the Baroota Creek 2020 Cabernet Shiraz from Flinders Run. Watch this winery. I hear stories of people buying Penfolds Grange for quite low prices before it was famous, this has the potential to be one of those wines.

And in the Musical Pilgrimage, Gerry Masi is back as part of Distractor Code.

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Running Sheet: From Adelaide To The USA With Love And America Josh

00:00:00 Intro


00:03:53 SA Drink Of The Week

We have two special wines this episode, the Flinders Run Baroota Creek 2020 Cabernet Shiraz and the 2021 Baroota Creek Cabernet Sauvignon.

Flinders Run is a winery in the Southern Flinders area, run by Emanuel and Laura Skorpos. This wine has just been awarded a gold medal score of 95 by Wine Showcase Magazine.

This special tasting was held at Enzos’s Ristorante, with Emanuel and Laura (although Laura preferred to take photos and videos rather than be on microphone) and Damon Musha from Wine Australia USA.

Flinders Run winetasting with Emanuel Skorpos and Damon Musha from Wine Australia USA

00:17:01 Josh Pugh, America Josh

In 2017, Josh Pugh left what he described as a “fantastic life” in Adelaide and headed to New York to start a new life there. He handed over control of his company, sold his house, sold his car, and even gave away his cat so his odyssey could begin. Luckily for him, things have fallen into place: He found a home, a wife, and a dog, all in a matter of a few short years. However, last month, another South Australian, Fairlie Delbridge, connected with Josh at the launch of the South Australia Club in NYC, and then connected Josh with The Adelaide Show. And, as fate would have it, we’re having this chat with Josh while he still has South Australia’s famous Mitani chicken salt in his system.

America Josh

How did you get Mitani chicken salt?

Is there a list of items or places you miss? Food items, events like Fringe?

Are there some things you are glad to have left behind?

Tell us about the South Australia Club in NYC. The opening was attended by Stuart Nutting, who is Austrade‘s Regional Director South Australia Trade and Investment, along with Trade and Investment Minister, Nick Champion. If it is anything like the Adelaide Club, the only way you get in is if you’re a pastoralist, an Anglican, or you share DNA with Alexander Downer?

We have much to unpack but we need to start with your decision to leave Adelaide. If your life was truly “fantastic”, why did you leave?

You currently run open gatherings in Central Park. Why do you do that?

Your website says you created America Josh to help people plan to move to or settle into New York. What is involved in getting a Green Card or residency?

You mention you were attracted by the “buzz” of New York. Something we’ve long argued at The Adelaide Show is that you can have a miserable boring life here or in New York; most of it depends on how proactively you are engaging with life. Firstly, has the buzz faded like the initial burst of romance in a relationship? And, secondly, can you reflect on the extrinsic and intrinsic factors that have helped you feel settled?

What was Fourth of July like?

Fairlie Delbridge is a mover and shaker in SA but is spending a year studing at Harvard. How have your paths crossed?

Cricket. Was watching the other day and remember you talking fondly of cricket. Commentators were talking about timers to keep games moving at pace and how baseball now has countdown times for pitchers. I must say, I watched some baseball. It is soooooo boring. Being there is okay but, just like golf, it’s not made for tv. Your thoughts?

Also, what do you think of the stumping in the Ashes?

I get confused with cricket umpire Steve Davis and I notice there is an English comedian, Josh Pugh. Do you ever get mis-identified?

Who will you vote for in the elections?

The dangers of stalking guests is that I saw a picture of you as Mrs Doubtfire. Is that a regular habit?

Final thoughts for people thinking of moving?

And are you encouraging Americans to move here?

Josh Pugh and Steve Davis as their alter egos
Josh Pugh as his alter ego, Mrs Doubtfire, and Steve Davis as his, Professor Sebastian Longsword

01:24:15 Musical Pilgrimage

Our featured song this episode is This Town by Gerry Masi under the banner of Distractor Code; his collaboration with Paul White.

It’s all played on 80s synths with Gerry singing and, unlike the songs under his non de plume, Mad Dog Malcolm, there are no inappropriate lyrics!!!

Given the US flavour if this episode, I should point out that This Town is not the classic Frank Sinatra song, nor is it Adelaide’s version of New York New York, however, it puts Gerry’s operatic power to good use and it broods with darkness and passion.

For Josh, he’ll note The Arts Theatre in the video cover image, below.

Here’s this week’s preview video

There was no preview video for this episode.

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