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374 – This Medical Life And The Andrew Wakefield Fraud

374 - This Medical Life And The Andrew Wakefield Fraud

Shining our spotlight on fellow Adelaidean podcast, This Medical Life, and the terrible tale of the vaccine/autism fraud

When Steve Davis is not recording The Adelaide Show Podcast, he’s sitting in the co-pilot’s chair with Dr Travis Brown as they create This Medical Life, a podcast that explores the history of different diseases and medical conditions, along with the latest insights in understanding and treatment. And what better way to give you a taste that wrapping a podcast within a podcast!

And in the Musical Pilgrimage, The Public Servants will sing Four O’Clock Friday (make sure you stay for the end to hear it, and don’t clock off early).

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Running Sheet: This Medical Life And The Andrew Wakefield Fraud

00:00:00 Intro


00:00:00 SA Drink Of The Week

There is no featured drink this week.

00:08:10 Dr Travis Brown and This Medical Life

Dr Travis Brown is a pathologist who has a passion for the stories of medicine. He’s also Resident General Pathologist at Clinpath Pathology.

His obsession for storytelling led him to create a podcast in 2020, called This Pathological Life. In late 2021, the podcast broadened its focus and became This Medical Life.

Travis is 83 episodes into this journey and in every one of them he takes a particular disease or medical condition, explores the history behind it, and then covers our understanding and treatment of it today. Typically, he has an expert from the field handle the last part of each podcast.

The enterprise is an open gift to the medical world. It is pitched at GPs and specialists and medical students, but he’s also attracting a general interest audience of humans who are curious to learn as well as patients who want to know more about their particular illness.

Our very own Steve Davis is the co-host of this podcast and because he is having his Covid booster and flu shot today, coinciding with an episode about vaccines and one about influenze just about to be released, it seemed the perfect time to throw the spotlight on this fellow Adelaidean podcast.

We will hear the complete episode (Season 4, Episode 38), in which the special guest is Brian Deer, the award winning investigative journalist and bestselling author of The Doctor that Fooled the World, which blew the whistle on the great fraud carried out by disgraced former doctor, Andrew Wakefield, who wrongly linked the MMR vaccine to autism and fuelled parts of the ant-vax movement.

As you will hear, this is not based on semantics, this truly was a fraud at many levels. It’s a horrifying insight into how such evil can then lure well-meaning people not only off the safe path but into the thickets and weeds of conspiracy and pseudo science.

01:01:54 Musical Pilgrimage

Our featured song this episode is Four O’Clock Friday by The Public Servants.

This Adelaide band claims to be the world’s premier public servant-themed novelty punk rock band. And I think they’re on the money.

On Friday, June 16, 2023, The Public Servants will officially launch their debut full-length album ‘Code of Misconduct at the Hotel Metropolitan, with support from Adelaide’s Celtic folk rockers The Backyarders.

You would expect public servants to have obsessive personalities and the band members do not disappoint. They are all vinyl buffs so their debut album has been pressed into luxury 180 gram brown vinyl. And it will be a limited edition, too, with only 100 copies made.

Code of Misconduct on vinyl is available at The Public Servants’ shows and online at Bandcamp, with the music available through all the digital platforms.

A final thought. Public servants also like statistics so it is no surprise that their media release contained this gem: 100,000 songs are released each day. They posit that as the reason they’re striving a bit weird, because there’s a lot of “noise” to cut through.

To give you a taste of the content, ,the album opens with Blend 43 – a coffee staple in many a workplace. It’s followed by Papercut, Stress Leave, and Bored.

The song we’re playing, to keep the episode family friendly is not, Flexitime Sexytime, but rather, Four O’Clock Friday. It’s got to be four o’clock Friday somewhere, right?

The Public Servants are:

Frank N Fearless – Guitar and vocals
Indi Pendent – Drums and vocals
Beau Racrat – Bass and vocals
Linda from HR – Vocal harmonies

Here’s this week’s preview video

There was no preview video for this episode.

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