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350 – Eggs in a Days work

350 - Eggs in a Days work | The Adelaide Show Podcast

Eggs in a Days’ work

Every day, Days Eggs produces thousands of eggs to feed families in South Australia and beyond, thanks to their very clever and hen-friendly farms and systems around the state.

In this interview, we discuss hen living conditions, egg types, cooking with eggs, and even things to be wary of when re-using egg cartons.

The SA Drink Of The Week is Run With The Hunted – see below.

And in the Musical Pilgrimage, we have an original song by Libby O’Donovan, presented to us by Zac Tyler, one of the people behind this weekend’s Seasonal Sessions at Woodville Town Hall.

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Running Sheet: Eggs In A Days’ Work

00:00:00 Intro

Introduction to the show.

00:04:44 SA Drink Of The Week

This week’s SA Drink Of The Week is Run With The Hunted, a limited release wine from McLaren Vale, bottled by Matt Cahill as part of his musical album of the same name from his music collaboration project, Evoletah.

350 - Run With The Hunted Wine | The Adelaide Show Podcast

00:08:52 Anne and Dion

If you had eggs for breakfast today, there’s a darn good chance they were produced by DAYS Eggs, South Australia’s largest egg producer. The story behind this farm’s production of this humble source of protein is fascinating. So I thought I’d ask the owners, Dion and Anne Andary, to join me to scratch around and peck at all the various topics related to chickens and eggs. Welcome.

As I was planning for this interview, I asked myself, what topic should come first; the chickens or the eggs?  I was tempted to start wtih chickens because so much of the egg story these days is focussed on their welfare but then I remembered that eggs have had a chequered history, especially in the west, so I’d love to hatch our story there.

Dion and Anne, you started Days Eggs in 1987. What was the nutritional and public health status of eggs at that time? In fact, Jason Gosseck, writing in Medium, recalled growing up amid the cholestrol scare of the 80s and how the price of eggs plummeted and how his dad doubled down and they had eggs every meal. How did it play out in your world?

Anne, I believe you did most of the sales work in the early days. Who was buying and what was involved?

Have you noticed any changes in egg consumption over the years? Fitness junkies with raw eggs, the brunch culture, the “egg whites good, egg yolks bad” movement, etc?

How are most of your eggs sold today – supermarkets, commercial trade, etc?

For a long time, I never cooked eggs at home, even though I loved having poached eggs when out? I just didn’t like the eggy smell when doing dishes. Bizarre! Now I have an egg poacher. How do you cook eggs? Any tips?

We’re recording here at Lower Light/Two Wells, which is the headquarters of Days Eggs. Can you take us through the story of how you outgrew your first base and then bought up other farms as they became available?

I’d like to turn to hen welfare now because even this morning in our BnB at Claire, they provided eggs and I recoiled when I saw Cage Eggs. So let’s walk through Cage Eggs, Barn Laid Eggs, and Free Range Eggs, because each have their pros and cons.

People argue Free Range leads to happy chickens. How do you know when a chicken is happy?

00:56:48 Musical Pilgrimage

In the musical pilgrimage, we have Don’t Feel Down by Libby Donovan.

Before we get there, though, I want to bring in Amelia Ryan’s “other half” Zac Tyler, who is another arts professional, known by many for his work with the artistic directors of the Adelaide Caberet Festival (Kate Ceberano, Barry Humphries, Ali McGregor and Eddie Perfect).

He now runs his own company, Release Creative, who have gone on to create Barossa Contemporary, a multi-disciplinary arts festival in the Barossa Valley, and he’s also worked with Amelia to create Seasonal Sessions, a weekend of intriguing song, story, and cabaret at the Woodville Town Hall, May 6, 7, 8 2022.

The weekend kicks off with local original music on Friday May 6 at 8.00pm and on Saturday May 7 at 6.00pm will feature a celebration of Australia’s pioneering women of pop and rock starring Amelia Ryan and Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2022 Icon Award winner Libby O’Donovan in UNSUNG. At 8.00pm Charmaine Jones and the GOSPO Collective deliver the classic Aretha Franklin standards in Soul Serenade – The Aretha Legacy. On Sunday 8 May at 3.00pm, the acclaimed writer Clementine Ford and her bestie, Libby O’Donovan, deliver a secular sermon that mines matters of the heart in Love Sermon.

But, back to the interview with Zac, let’s get the goss out the way. Of the Cabaret Festival directors you worked with, who is most memorable and why?

What is this arts festival in the Barossa?

What are you up to this weekend?

What does cabaret bring to the table that other art forms don’t?

Here’s this week’s preview video

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