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324 – Meet The Adelaide Fringe

324 - Meet The Adelaide Fringe - The Adelaide Show Podcast

The art world and most of South Australia is on tenterhooks, hoping the 2021 Adelaide Fringe will go off without a hitch from Covid or bushfires or some other tragedy.

We have a diverse group of speakers for this episode of The Adelaide Show, featuring, Professor Sebastian Longsword, from the MBA School Of MBA Credentials. You can come to his show, A Lunchtime MBA, any weekday throughout the Fringe at 1pm. You turn up for lunch, and leave with an MBA. It is a thoughtful lecture, even though some people describe it as hilarious. And we note that comedian Tim Ferguson says Professor Longsword is his new superhero.

We will also be speaking to …

Phi Theodoros about her show, Ukulele Dream Girl: Love at a distance

Kym Mackenzie about his show, Kym’s Overall Extravaganza Showcase

Wendy Torbet about her many shows

New music from Emma Knights

And we’ll share the SA Drink Of The Week with Nick Stevens and Rick Carter from the show Portrait Of A Narcissist.

Plus Ekkia Evans, Steve’s fellow Adelaide Show reviewer, about the people she met at the Meet The Media event.

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Running Sheet: Meet The Adelaide Fringe

00:00:00 Intro

Introduction to the show by Professor Longsword who has a Fringe show entitled, A Lunchtime MBA.

00:05:31 SA Drink Of The Week

The SA Drink Of The Week is Tomich Hill Hilltop Pinot Noir.

Guest tasters are Nick Stevens and Rick Carter from the Fringe show, Portrait Of A Narcissist.

00:18:40 Phi Theodoros, Kym Mackenzie, and Wendy Torbet

Here are the links to shows featuring these three guests:

Phi Theodoros about her show, Ukulele Dream Girl: Love at a distance

Kym Mackenzie about his show, Kym’s Overall Extravaganza Showcase

Wendy Torbet’s shows (at least some of them)

A Lunchtime MBA

My Favourite Conspiracy Theory

Love 2 Laugh

00:54:15 Ekkia Evans, Adelaide Show Fringe Reviewer

Ekkia Evans is one of The Adelaide Show Podcast’s Fringe Reviewers and she was at the official Meet The Press event in which artists got to meet representatives from the media.

She gives an overview of some of the shows she learned about.

01:58:23 Musical Pilgrimage

In the musical pilgrimage, we have a song from Emma Knights, called Flat Out.

It is from Emma’s debut album, Anticipate. Read more about Emma Knight’s Anticipate here because it’s been getting great reviews and is available online.

Flat Out is a tune she wrote when she was studying at Western Australian Academy Of Performing Arts in 2003. Her lecturer in songwriting class told the class not to use cliches or gimmicks in songs. She decided to prove him wrong and wrote this tune. We think it is a super Aussie song!

She is also involved in some Fringe shows:

Myths, Legends, and Fantasies

Pirates Of Penzance

Phantom In The Forest

Here’s this week’s preview videos.

SFX: Throughout the podcast we use free SFX from for the harp, the visa stamp, the silent movie music, the stylus, the radio signal SFX, the wine pouring and cork pulling SFX, and the swooshes around Siri.

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