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313 – Hills Of Dreams

313 - Hills Of Dreams - The Adelaide Show Podcast - Belle and Pods - Adelaide Hills Farm Services

In this week’s episode of The Adelaide Show, we head to the hills.

The co-owners of Adelaide Hills Farm Services, Pods and Belle, join us to talk about their new business, their lives in farming, and their readiness to help Hills farmers apply bushfire risk reduction. (Photo of Belle and Pods by Jacqui Bateman).

We also chat with Open Data guru, Leo Gaggl, about a new mobile app that could help CFS firefighters find water during bushfires.

The SA Drink Of The Week is a ripper from Bowen Estate as we chat with dad and daughter duo, Doug and Emma Bowen.

In the Musical Pilgrimage, Kelly Menhennett goes soulful with a poignant, Adelaide-laced song, Small Dreams.

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Running Sheet: Hills Of Dreams

00:00:00 Intro

Introduction to the show.

00:05:00 SA Drink Of The Week

The SA Drink Of The Week is a 2018 Bowen Estate Cabernet Sauvignon from Coonawarra, which we taste with dad and daughter winemaking team, Emma and Doug Bowen.

00:10:52 Belle and Pods

Belle and Pods have launched Adelaide Hills Farm Services and their first focus is helping hills farmers reduce bushfire risk. In this interview, Steve draws out their stories of lives in farming and there are many tales to tell.

00:39:58 Leo Gaggl

Leo Gaggl is a man who was born to solve problems. He grew up on a farm in Austria where he started welding at the age of 8 so he could fix broken equipment on the farm. Since moving to Australia in the mid 1990s, he’s become well known in South Australia for being the “go to” man when it comes to understanding how to use Open Data for the public good. He’s managing director of Opensensing and chair of the Growing Data Foundation, and just recently, he spend a weekend competing in another GovHack competition in which his team tackled the issue of using data to help firefighters find water.

Leo, I spend some time living in Hungary which meant I often visited Austria and I can’t help but think there are parts of the Adelaide Hills in winter that remind me of Austria. Do you ever get that sense?

Of course, our hills might have terrain and chilly temperatures in common with Austria but over there forest fires do not pose a significant hazard, whereas here, many of us have lived in fear of such things most our lives. Is there anything that Austria does differently, or is this difference typically down to climate?

So, remind us again about how a GovHack competition happens.

Who was on your team and how did you decide on the focus of finding water sources for firefighters?

This web app, FireWater, will only be as good as its accuracy. So how can it get data about water from dams and other places, given that evapouration is always happening and many sources won’t remain viable as the fire season continues?

How would it work on the ground for firefighters?

Are we doing enough to make government data available and are we using that data well enough yet?

What would you like to see change in the future?

01:00:52 Musical Pilgrimage

In the musical pilgrimage, we have a song, Small Dreams, by Kelly Menhennet.

Kelly will be part of Music @ The Maj – a concert series to welcome audiences back to Her Majesty’s Theatre. There will be many acts and many shows with the Adelaide Guitar Festival also coordinating Backstage Sessions, which is where Kelly will feature. Plus there’ll be classical and jazz concerts too. Details and tickets here: Music @ The Maj.

Here’s this week’s preview video.

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