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296 – Contact with Kiah Gossner

Contact with Kiah Gossner on the Adelaide Show Podcast

In this week’s episode of The Adelaide Show, we make contact with Kiah Gossner ahead of the performance of his work, Contact, as part of the inSPACE program at the Adelaide Festival Centre.

And joining me for this episode is local singer, songwriter, and admirer of Kiah Gossner, Fergus Maximus.

This week, the SA Drink Of The Week is O Gin by Kangaroo Island Spirits.

And in the Musical Pilgrimage, we hear a song by local band, Bearded Gypsy Band and a song by Kaurna Cronin.

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Running Sheet: Contact with Kiah Gossner

00:00:00 Intro 
00:02:10 SA Drink Of The Week
O Gin by Kangaroo Island Spirits is the SA Drink Of The Week.
00:08:10 Kiah Gossner

Music enriches life. I think there would be few people who would disagree with that statement. However, music comes in many forms and often it does its best work when it is not in the foreground. An Adelaide man who is immersed in this world is award winning musician, producer, and composer, Kiah Gossner.

Kiah, you have a multi-artform performance piece, Contact, coming to the Adelaide Festival Centre later this month (Nov 2019) but before we unpack what you have in store there, I’d like to strip back the many channels and layers of your craft to see if we can get a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the work of music composition.

Do you recall the first time you became aware of music?

Was there a moment when you felt called into the world of music?

Are there particular music genres you love or despise? Why?

Contemporary composition appears to be music that is technically adventurous but gives very little by way of sugary melody along the way. Is that fair? Is a memorable melody seen as old fashioned or copping out?

Should you be able to whistle music you like?

You’ve been mentored by Grammy Award winning composer/producer Sam Dixon (Adele, Sia, Christina Aguilera, Megan Washington). What does such mentoring look like, how does it work?

How much is success in music down to what you know (and can do) vs who you know?

As I’ve reflected on the many, many strands of your career, I have become aware of how many places you occupy – your own compositional work, producing work, TVCs, and local bands. Is that by necessity or desire?

You’ve received a Helpmann Academy grant. What did you do with that?

How important are grants in the arts world, and is it sad they are needed?

The TAFE ads have a soundtrack that I would never have picked for them. There is a slight, industrial feel but I would have guessed the people at TAFE would have been pushed outside their comfort zone a little. Tell us about this?

The Fifth Label TVC soundtrack. There was some Picnic At Hanging Rock hauntedness there. How do you get briefed for jobs like this.

Let’s talk about Contact. This performance will be on Nov 29 and 30, at the Space Theatre, and I’m told it combines audio, visual and structural elements to explore the contrary forces of human emotions, journeying into a culture of domestic violence that is cyclical and ignored. We have some unpacking to do:




contrary forces of human emotion

depiction of the culture of domestic violence

What does 2020 look like for you?

What words do you have for young people starting out, like my daughter who has started violin lessons at school?

00:50:15 Musical Pilgrimage
In the musical pilgrimage, we have a track called Leaving Town by the Bearded Gypsy Band, of which Kiah has been a member.
Plus, in a bonus, Kaurna Cronin has worked with Kiah Gossner, and we get to hear his track, Only An Illusion, because Kiah worked on that track, which is from the album, Glitter Or Dust, his 5th studio album. This latest musical offering is a thrilling emotional portrayal of what Cronin does best; writing songs with both substance and style. The abum Glitter Or Dust began it’s recording in a basement studio of Bremen, Germany before being taken across the seas to further it’s journey in a number of renowned studios throughout Australia.

Here’s this week’s preview video.

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