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Our Mascot: The Adelaide Snake Lizard

Our Mascot: The Adelaide Snake Lizard - The Adelaide Show Podcast

We have never had a mascot but when Steve discovered the Adelaide Snake Lizard at the South Australian Museum, we knew we had to have one.

The Adelaide Snake Lizard is a legless lizard, deep brown on the back and often a yellow throat. Its tail is longer than the head and body (up to two-thirds of their total body length).

While it looks similar to a snake, it has some distinguishing features, such as external ear holes, vestigial hind limb flaps and a broad, rounded tongue.

It also makes a squeaking noise when disturbed or handled (Annable 1983). And Mark Thompson, from the Institute of Backyard Studies, one of our guests on episode 196, told us he used to find them and play with them in the Belair area as a young boy.

It is primarily found in the Adelaide Hills and Adelaide suburbs and next time you see one, think of The Adelaide Show Podcast.

At around the eight-minute mark in episode 196, we introduced the mascot to our community, here is the player.