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Getting hot and cross over Jesus and the bunny

Click to see the letter in fullWith the Easter weekend on the horizon, in episode 34 we take a look at the following letter to the editor, featured in The Advertiser (page 4) on Thursday, 10 April 1952.

Easter Message

Sir – The ABC broadcast to small children on Thursday stands to be corrected.

It is high time that something was done to stop such trash as stories of Easter bunnies. How can anyone who tries to teach the true meaning of the Easter message contend with a broadcast to schools which spreads the story that it is Easter because “the flowers are coming and a hare is busy.”

If as much effort was put into the right story of Easter some good could be done for all, instead of taking away from children sent to Sunday School by dutiful parents the importance of Jesus and what He did for mankind.

Of what use is the Call to the Nation when, in the minds of future men and women the “Easter bunny” is put ahead of God.

By all means allow children to have their fun and Easter eggs on the right day, but not through the good graces of an animal.

Children are not too young to hear of the Crucifixion. They have not been too young to suffer tortures of war which will surely happen again if people do not halt their pagan ways.

Easter is just as important as Christmas. He was born for us at Christmas and He died (and not painlessly) for us on Good Friday and rose for us at Easter.

HELEN MEYER, Yankalilla

You can see the full letter by clicking on the picture, and view the original letter in context at

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