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Criticism of Adelaide, 1951

In episode 33 we feature the following letter from the Letters to the Editor section of The Advertiser (page 4) on Friday, 18 May 1951.

Criticism Of Adelaide

Sir – Adelaide, Queen City of the South, advertises its charms in the eastern States, and invites tourists to spend the winter months in a delightful climate, and in almond blossom time. Why not advertise the fact that hotel and guest-house accommodation, good, bad and very indifferent, is practically impossible to obtain for more than a few days.

Coffee shops and restaurants which Adelaide possessed before World War II, seem to have vanished entirely. Why?

Where are the street sweepers and the water carts? Do the City Fathers even take a walk on Saturdays or Sunday along the boulevards? The filthy debris to be seen is truly amazing, because this city was in every way once the cleanest.

It is harder to cross Rundle street and North terrace from railway station to C.T.A. club, than a street in the busiest part of London. How about the installation of hand manipulated traffic lights at danger points? They are a great assistance to pedestrians along the busy Pacific Highway, North Shore, Sydney and other spots. Is there no speed limit? Apparently not. City pride and progress were the aim of Adelaide citizens a decade ago. What now?


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