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Adelaide school days

schooldaysSchool days, school days… Adelaide school days.

Such an important time in our lives, and so many memories that endure for the ABTNIA team, from the 1970s and 1980s.

In episode 40 we remember our days in the old school yard:

  • kiss-chasey (and Steve’s strategy to get his girl)
  • monkey bars (and Charlie’s mishaps)
  • favourite teachers
  • being foundation students at a brand new school
  • school rhymes
  • marbles and yoyos (the toys, not the biscuits)
  • Adidas Romes (and Ripples and desert boots)
  • Levi’s Californians
  • Holden and Ford jackets (very West Side Story!)
  • transportable buildings (hot-boxes in summer)
  • OSUs and FTUs (open space units and flexible teaching units)
  • and bomb scares!

What are your recollections from your school days?

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