the-beatles-adelaideThis week, in episode 42, we covered the 50th anniversary of The Beatles arriving and performing in Adelaide.

We speak to Bob Francis, who was the famous MC, telling crowds to shoosh and be quiet during the songs so the band could be heard; a futile gesture.

We also cover the press conference, Bob’s room next to The Beatles at the South Australian Hotel, and whether the talkback announcer Bob evolved into would have been as happy about a frenzied-visit by One Direction with half of Adelaide taking a day off work, as he was with the Fab Four’s.

We also talk to Sandra Matz who was somewhere between the 8th row and the first row (she explains this in the interview). She recounts some of the colour and experience leading up to and during the presence of the band in our ‘pleasant, naive’ (again, this is explained in the interview).

Enjoy the music here: