Some cases this week in Episode 009 were nominated by members of the public, along with good news of someone having their Adelaide Visa restored.

1. @Dave__Walsh
For services to Adelaide, particularly for his Weekend Notes page that covers events and things to do in our fair city and state, Dave was awarded an Adelaide Visa.

2. @SAgrate and @elockwood_
This conversation caught our attention, inspired by the Festival Of Ideas:
SA Grate Could the organisers of forums in #Adelaide make it a rule interstate/o’seas guests have to stay here more than 10m after their talk ends.
To which Emily replied:
@SAGrate some of the ‘adelaide is boring’ jokes from speakers I was like “YOU’RE NOT FROM HERE, YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO SAY THAT!”
This exchange prompted the Adelaide Visa Council to discuss the etiquette of dissing a host city when you are an imported speaker and agreed with Emma. As a result, it was decided that she and SA Graite receive Adelaide Visas for their staunch defense of our city’s honour.

3. @SophiaMacRae
An incredibly energetic tweet crossed our paths this week from Sophia MacRae:
So much on today! #2013AFF Fashion on NorwoodParade; Sons&Mothers doc #Adlffest at Regal; Adl FestofIdeas – never say #Adelaide boring!
Co-Councillor Steve asked Sophia for more detail as to why she was so passionate about Adelaide, to which she replied:
I won’t presume the Council’s vote… But after living in MEL & BCN, then coming home, I’m singing praises of #Adelaide
Co-Councillor Colin determined that BCN meant Barcelona. Unanimously the Council decided to grant Sophia an Adelaide Visa. May there be more Sophias in this town!

4. @glorialynnec
The Adelaide Visa Council intercepted Gloria Lynne C., Event Coordinator from Corporate Lunch and co-owner of Inkerman Cafe St Kilda Beach in Melbourne, saying this about a trip to Adelaide:
We just got back from Adelaide!! Mia said it was so boring!! I think I told her many times we only go there for business purpose
This comment raised an alarm for the Council because it was evidence that an interstate business person was swanning into Adelaide all nice and polite to do business and then disrespecting our city as she left. When asked by the Council to explain what business brought her to Adelaide, she replied:
Nothing relevant to the company I work for. Personal matters for my mum’s cafe! Good Adelaide coffee beans brought us there
This was a difficult case because it required the Council to interpret Gloria’s follow-up tweet in light of the first. In the end, it was deemed that Gloria’s faint praise of Adelaide coffee was a smokescreen to shield her from the repercussions of labelling Adelaide as ‘boring’ indirectly and as a result, the Council had no option other than to revoke her Adelaide Visa.

5. @lavo96
Rod, known as lavo96, chipped in to a conversation between @mpesce @EatShootBlog and @philjohnson72, where Eat Shoot Blog was defending her home city of Canberra from being used as a negative metonym for the greedly slush bucket of politics. What caught our attention was Rod’s gatecrashing of the chat to add:
Perth is a city full of fifo bogans, Adelaide is boring etc. We all cop it!
The Council agreed that while it was unnecessary for Rod to besmirch our city’s reputation so wantonly, he was not saying HE believed that, only that Adelaide suffers the reputation. He later confided:
@BoringAdelaide I actually like Adelaide! Was pointing out stereotypes…like $10 coffees in Perth 😉
Rod neither had an Adelaide Visa awarded nor revoked. Instead, the Council verbally welcomed him to return any time.