This week we begin with two cases on the positive side of the ledger.

Hot on the heels of revoking the visa of Anthony Sharwood for his bitter article about Adelaide’s listing in Lonely Planet’s Top Ten Cities To Visit, we look at Tim Ashdown’s rebuttal blog article, In response to Anthony Sharwood from
Firstly, Tim engaged with Anthony, earning this response:
@TimothyAshdown That was well played. Enjoyed that
And Anthony was right to give Tim credit because his ‘takedown’ of the Ashdown, anti-Adelaide piece was novel and stinging by highlighting the silliness of most stories that kept company with the Sharwood piece. Here are two choice quotes:

So here was where I was going to skewer all the hilarious faults of Sydney in an act of triumphant retaliation. But I’ve actually only visited the city a couple of times and I quite like the parts of it I’ve seen. So that’s out. Then I thought here would be where I defend all the Adelaide stuff Anthony made fun of. But that seems desperate. Skip that.

  • “Secrets of travel agents revealed” Travel agents are what people used before wotif. Did you know they used to be paid commissions? Talk about antiquated.
  • “How this teen geek became rich and popular” Her secret was wearing a girdle, honest to god.
  • “Great Photoshop fail of China” China doesn’t know how to use Photoshop properly. The article itself basically explains that this is not news.

The Council decided to grant Tim his visa.

@AndrewReimer01 (and @Lizmccaskill)
Andrew invited us on to Fiveaa (thanks to Liz too, the producer) to discuss this podcast.
Usually, this would not be enough to warrant recommendation for an Adelaide Visa.
However, Andrew made this comment that spoke to his true beliefs about Adealide.
Andrew said he wanted to attack us for our show about Boring Adelaide and was relieved and thrilled to hear it was a positive show.
The Council decided both Andrew for his readiness to defend Adelaide, and his producer Liz for urging him to have us on in the spirit of our mission for Adelaide.

A woman in Europe retweeted the @LonelyPlanet list that included Adelaide in the Top Ten cities to visit in 2014, resulting in this reply from former Sydney-sider, now Milan-based Adam Pache, who is a freelance jazz drummer:
@zurichvienna @lonelyplanet Adelaide..??? Australians ironically refer to it as “Rad-elaide”, because it is SO boring hahah
Councilor Steve then responded:
@adam_pache Hi Adam, what prompted you to make this comment about #Adelaide? How long since you’ve been here? Or was it just a lazy joke?
Adam has since replied, asking whether it is true or not?
The Council decided to reject Adam’s visa.

The Council saw this comment during the week from Luke:
i need starbucks, but they dont even have it here in adelaide. typical boring adelaide aye?
It prompted this response from @OnTheChoppingBoard:
@BoringAdelaide @_beauthedorito_ Agree – so much good quality #coffee in #Adelaide.
The Council decided to reject Luke’s visa.

This week, Councilor Colin interacted with the shared, community Twitter account called We Are Adelaide. At the moment, it is being run by Ryan, who not only gave Boring Adelaide his support, but answered Colin’s question about what he loved in particular about our city:
@CollyLong Big fan of my 9 minute bike commute through the parklands. Beats London, DC, Austin, Boston and everywhere else I’ve lived.
The Council ruled Ryan qualifies for a Visa, primarily for volunteering for the WeAreADL account.