We dedicated the Adelaide Visa Council in Episode 025 to The Show on PBA FM.

The Show is a Thursday night show from 9-midnight on the community radio station based north of Adelaide.

The trio behind the show has engaged with our team almost from episode one and recently, one the them, Alexis Cattley, started listening to all our episodes back to back.

As part of a ploy to earn The Show an Adelaide Visa, the team went around the table to share their favourite things about Adelaide.

Alexis cited our Balfours Frog Cakes as his pitch for Adelaide.

Peter Ebdell cited how Perth was boring and he got mugged in Melbourne for pocket change. He cited Adelaide’s small size as a virtue, saying it is just a good place to be.

Nona Mona cited beaches, even though Peter says there are better beaches elsewhere in Australia. Nona singled out Maslins Beach, where she attended a rave, as a great place. She then asked whether Mount Lofty was in Adelaide.

The Adelaide Visa Council decided the team has ALMOST earned an Adelaide Visa but needs to provide photographic evidence of their love. A photo featuring the team with a Balfours Frog Cake (or a bath full of them), on Maslins Beach, or on Mount Lofty, should suffice. Watch this space.

In other cases

Susan Lily was awarded an Adelaide Visa for her statements made in Adelaide’s defence during Episode 024.

Paul Adams from last week’s Adelaide Visa Council was granted a Visa this