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Adelaide Visa Council Judgements 017

A sign of the new, reformist spirit of the Adelaide Visa Council in Episode 017 this week.

Bryan tweeted this from the USA on the eve of the Ashes in Adelaide:
With the Ashes on in your hometown, it’s definitely NOT a @BoringAdelaide on this Thursday!
He later kept up to date with the scores and was generally excited about the prospect of cricket in Adelaide. The Council quickly conferred a Visa upon him.

Luke Clark, a teacher in Adelaide, was caught responding with this comment to a tweet by ‏@_zanabanana in which she said how tired Melbourne made her compared to being able to stay up all night in Adelaide:
@_zanabanana prolly coz Adelaide is heaps boring!!
The Council discussed whether Luke has more responsibility for his public comments, being a teacher. He also replied to Co-Councillor Steve, saying what he wants in Adelaide is free entry to places that offer resources or excursion locations for students, and free events. The Council understood his comments but decided to place Luke on a watchlist for the time being, to determine his Adelaide Visa status.

Bryan was found making this response to a question about where a fellow Melbournian should go:
@Ashleigh_Harper go Queensland, Adelaide sounds boring, Sydney is too much of a rat race…
After much deliberation, the Council agreed that Bryan needs the benefit of the doubt. His dismissal of Adelaide is based on hearsay and therefore the Council granted him a Visa so that he can taste Adelaide for himself. On the proviso he meet with the Council on his visit.


















Brett’s musical pilgrimage

South Australiana by Greg Arious – With the late, great, John Vincent doing a back announce.


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