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Adelaide Visa Council Judgements – 015

In episode 015, the Adelaide Visa Council had a light workload but a heavy task.

@VintuitiveOur first case was a satisfying and straightforward one.
Vin from Vintuitive, has been a long time supporter of our podcast due to his love for Adelaide. In fact, he is part of a group that gathers online occasionally to discuss aspects of Adelaide history. However, one public action brought him to our attention as being worthy of consideration for an Adelaide Visa:
Having fun following the #SAFoodAwards and #StartupADL on Twitter. Who said Adelaide is boring! @BoringAdelaide
That is the sort of passion we reward and the Council unanimously granted Vin his Visa.
Here is the picture he shared – click to see it larger.
vintuitive safoodawards startupadl

This was the more challenging case.
The Smarmy Army account might or might not be a genuine account but is certainly offering a lot of negativity in its output. So, when Co-Councillor Steve saw the following tweet, he stepped in to help:
Contrary to what I’d been told Adelaide is as boring as Hull and hotter than Hell. #ashes
Steve said an opinion like that means they must be getting some bad advice and so he dug deeper with them to find out what would make Adelaide interesting for them. They replied:
@BoringAdelaide yeah – a proper English pub would be great. One with a good chips and gravy would be a bonus.
So apart from wondering why you would travel half way around the world only to look for genuine reminders of home, Steve asked on social media, on FIVEaa, and in the podcast for suggestions and offered MIck O’Shea’s at Hackham, The Strathmont in Adelaide and the Slug And Lettuce in Salisbury, but none have been taken up by the people/person behind the twitter account.
@BoringAdelaide I’m sad to say I havent.Sorry. Someone else recommended the Ramsgate which was crap. Hopeing to go to Zhivago nightclub tho
The Council deliberated and decided not to reject the Adelaide Visa at this stage but to keep @TheSmarmyArmy on our watchlist.

Finally, the Council granted an Adelaide Visa to the South Australian Museum for its support for our work in promoting Adelaide, along with some important work about to be released, showcasing South Australia’s role as a staging post for the origins of life as we know it.

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