A rather brief hearing this week, on Episode 014.

1. @CuriosityShowRob Morrison and Deane Hutton, creators of The Curiosity Show, were awarded Adelaide Visas this week due to their foundational work in creating an important science education program based in Adelaide, their generosity of spirit in helping Colin and our team get insights into Adelaide’s history especially in relation to our moniker of City Of Churches, and also Rob’s particularly eloquent and strident defence of all things Adelaide.

2. @LeighMcClusky
Adelaide television icon, Leigh McClusky, was awarded an Adelaide Visa for her work as an ambassador for the state in various fields and her generosity of spirit in sharing some of her thoughts about Adelaide for our podcast.

3. @BeerAirways
Mark Chipperfield was brought before the Adelaide Visa Council this week, for his recent articles in praise of Adelaide, espeicially his Daily Telegraph piece, Adelaide: right at home in Australia’s ‘invisible’ city. Two parts of the articles spurred most discussion including this opening line:
After 22 years in Sydney I recently migrated to Adelaide, Australia’s smallest mainland capital city. Just before I left, I heard this from Tim, the bloke in my local off-licence: “Adelaide? You poor baaastard. You must have done something pretty crook [bad] to deserve that.”
The Council then discussed the concept of Adelaide being ‘invisible’ for many Australians and, as a result, awarded Mark an Adelaide Visa for such an eloquent piece of writing.