Some cases this week were nominated by members of the public, along with good news of someone having their Adelaide Visa restored.

1. @twobit_villains
This case was brought to the Council by Co-Councillor Brett who asked if we could grant TwoBit Villains an Adelaide Visa for the fine and important work they do in crafting authentic, adult soda. It was decided unanimously in their favour. Congratulations Liam and the TwoBit crew.

2. @stephlb
In a moment of stirring emotion and pride, the Council heard how previous rejectee, Stephanie, had redeemed herself. In episode 007, she labelled Adelaide ‘boring’ due to her own lack of funds. When asked about this by the Council, she was apologetic and eager to explain how her outburst was so emotional:
you misunderstand. I meant it was painfully boring as I was stuck at home (see: lack of bus fare) and thus…
unable to enjoy the things I love most about Adelaide (namely its amazing dessert cafés). Disappointment over my lack of…
ability to visit my favourite haunts whilst on my short visit no doubt rendered me hasty in my words :p
Councillor Steve and Boring Adelaide regular DazzleMc engaged Stephanie further and gleaned her favourite dessert haunts:
Eggless is by FAR my favourite. Most original and always delicious, plus amazing service. Also The Aviary and…
…San Churro. They’re my most frequent picks.
oh and an orange hot chocolate from the Chocolate Bean is a must. Tastes like a liquid Jaffa.
Steph, you have truly earned your Adelaide Visa and the Boring Adelaide team would like to accompany you on a dessert outing when you are next in town.

3. @paul__kelly
One of Australia’s favourite singer-songwriters, Paul Kelly, was brought before the Council this week, due to a report from Boring Adelaide listener, Satirical Croweater.
I would like to refer Paul Kelly to the @BoringAdelaide Visa Council for his song – … #Adelaide
While the song is an old one, and covers much pain in Paul Kelly’s life, the Council finally decided that Paul Kelly’s Adelaide Visa should indeed be revoked. These lyrics were the ones that finally made the Council unanimous in its decision:
All the king’s horses all the king’s men
Wouldn’t drag me back again to Adelaide, Adelaide, Adelaide, Adelaide…
With a heavy heart, the Council must reject your Adelaide Visa, Paul because mainstream art does have an insidious knack of influence popular culture and this song may well be responsible for casting Adelaide in a negative light in the Australian psyche. Should, however, you write new poetry or song honouring Adelaide’s many valuable assets, the Council would be more than happy to review this decision.
NOTE: For being so proactive, @CrowEating was granted an Adelaide Visa. Thank you for being such an outstanding citizen!
Here is the offending song:
[youtube id=”T4QY0POLC8g” mode=”normal” align=”left” autoplay=”no”]

4. @Ishmon
Ishmon, a Fijian Australian from Sydney, tweeted this:
I’m going Adelaide nek week! Please don’t be boring lol
When challenged by Co-Councillor Steve to defend his dismissal of Adelaide as ‘boring’ and state what would make him not bored, he replied:
@BoringAdelaide well you tell me.. I’m coming to tick it off my bucket list, so I hope it’s gonna be great
The Council came close to rejecting his Visa but decided to ask him WHY Adelaide made his bucket list and depending on the answer, he might remain under watch, get rejected or get his Visa granted.

5. @peterj362
Peter, who puts little personal detail on his Twitter biography, tweeted:
In adelaide the most boring city where should I go
When challenged by Co-Councillor Steve to provide more detail, none was forthcoming.
Peter’s Adelaide Visa was quickly rejected with the Council believing that his attitude was beyond repair and would ruin an experience of any city. In fact, Co-Councillor Colin even suggested he immerse himself in boredom as further punishment.