The Adelaide Visa Council reaches out internationally this week, as well as undertaking some introspection regarding things to do in Adelaide with no budget. Here are the judgements from Episode 007: Easily Romanced.

1. @biicandraa
This Twitter user, Feb, is a broadcaster in Indonesia, and we discovered him promoting the song, One More Boring Thursday Night In Adelaide (which is the namesake of this podcast):
#youtube Redgum – One More Boring Night In Adelaide
We thought it was odd that an Indonesian man from Bandung was sharing that particular song, although Colin did wonder whether he’d just picked up a bootleg Redgum CD because he’d probably been to Bali too. We have asked why he shared the song, with no reply to date.
Feb is now in our Pending list; his Adelaide Visa is in the balance. In the meantime, we will tweet you a link to I’ve Been To Bali Too by Redgum.

2. @KalisChristina
Christina earned our attention when replying to a young, Adelaidean who was carelessly discounting our city as boring:
@Allyssa_jk99 Adelaide is nice , every place gets boring after a while . I’m sick of Melbourne too!
Christina earned an Adelaide Visa for going above and beyond the call of duty and not succumbing to the brainless bickering between people in Adelaide and Melbourne who go tit for tat in putting each other down meaninglessly. Congratulations. However, we will need to place a Pending watch on Allyssa, to see if her attitude improves.

3. TankTopBluesMan and LiquidTension
The RedditAU twitter account highlighted a story of interest for us this week; a debate about whether a recent move to place a 3am curfew on nightclubs to curb street violence will make Adelaide ‘more boring’ or not.It was heartening for the Council to see that TankTopBluesMan jumped straight into the forum discussion and commented thus:
More boring though? I’ll put forward my go to opinion about Adelaide: If you find Adelaide boring, it’s because you are boring.
His comment was then echoed by LiquidTension, and we say bravo to both of you. You now have Adelaide Visas for your feisty patriotism.

4. @StephLB
Here is the tweet that caught our attention:
Damnit Adelaide my lack of money is rendering you painfully boring.
The Council was quite concerned by Stephanie’s confusion here in which she is labelling Adelaide boring because she has no money. While this did spark earnest discussion about whether you need money or not to enjoy Adelaide or any city (the Council agreed there is a certain benchmark amount of money required to help you move about a town, let alone gain entry to some places), it was agreed that Steph should have her Adelaide Visa rejected due to the lazy blaming of Adelaide. We shall ask her to contribute to the debate about how little money one actually needs to enjoy a city and this might lead to a reversal.

5. @AdelaideZombieThe Adelaide Zombie Walk account was awared an Adelaide Visa for services to the community (entertainment) and charity (funds raised for FoodbankSA) and costmetic, bandage and tomato sauce sales (Spring Gully Foods brand we hope). Well done to Ann and Jason Bansemer who are the chief organisers. The Council wishes you well for this Saturday’s event, October 12, 2013.