This week, the Adelaide Visa Council, needed to hold a mass visa rejection to clear the court’s books due to a One Direction-linked spike in use of the term ‘boring’ in relation to Adelaide; and it had to be nipped in the bud. Here are the cases:

1. @danielle_hoban
Adelaide, you are such a babe today! #Adelaide #spring
This tweet was nominated by  regular listener, Dale (@dazzlemc) as worthy of a visa, and the Council agreed. Congratulations and thank you, Danielle.

2. @dominiccampbell
When Dominic, visiting from London, made an offhand remark about ‘loving’ Adelaide, we decided to see what he meant by that and whether it deserved an Adelaide Visa or was just blowing hot air. Here is his reply to our quest for more information on why he loves our town:
@BoringAdelaide @sarahethomas @HubAdelaide ha fun! I’m a fan of the hipster vibe, the buildings, the countryside around it and wine country
Brett was quite taken by the ‘hipster’ label, the rest of us nodded and awarded the Visa. Welcome back anytime, Dominic.

3. @real_liam_payne
Liam is from the hot band, One Direction, and tweeted this during the Adelaide concert week:
That was so good thanks for the huge welcome Adelaide got me buzzing for the rest of the shows
Councillor Steve argued most vehemently to award Liam an honourary Adelaide Visa because his positive sentiment flew in the face of all the cheap, lazy ‘Adelaide is boring but we love you #1D’ tweets that the band’s fans had been saturating Twitter with in the lead up to the concert. Brett, the singer among us was cynical, but a 2-1 decision won the day for Liam. Thank you, Liam for standing up for our city in the face of your fans’ cheap insults towards her.

4. Revoke #1D fans
@NicoleTelford @kidfromCanada_ @harrysprecious_ @LouisIdek_ @Edemialisthalia @selinabee_ @KimmiLovesUxoxo @vaniIlarry @TiffanyFowler98 @Complexicus @beccaa_clairee @UNSOCIALIAM
All the above Twitter handles relate to One Direction fans who were caught lazily referring to Adelaide as ‘boring’ when trying to get the attention of the band, even though, as Nigel pointed out, the fact that One Direction came to Adelaide provided proof the city is not boring at all.

@ruxinhan Rachel
Really enjoy weekends nights in Adelaide. Everyone having fun~~~ Seems that weekends in Beijing is really boring.
Rachel, the Council did not expect to find Adelaide compared to such a large and vibrant city and Beijing and have the latter labelled the boring one. You took us by surprise and we appreciate your candour. Continue enjoying our city. Your Adelaide Visa has been renewed.