We trawled Twitter as the Adelaide Visa Council to see who is deemed worthy of Adelaide residency and who needs to move on. All the following ‘twits’ have been notified by Twitter and most have been placed on our Accepted or Rejected Twitter Lists. Here are the submissions we based our decisions on:

1. @VictoriaPurman Victoria Purman
Such a beautiful day in Adelaide today, I could hang washing outside to dry. Forgotten how boring that is.
This was a close call but the Council decided your intentions were pure enough, and granted you your Adelaide Visa.

2. @underneonstars Maddie
An hour and 25 minutes until I board. Man Adelaide airport is boring.
Sadly, Maddie, the Council was of the view that this criticism was unfair. You currently have Rejected status and might have trouble returning through Adelaide Airport.

3. @gracebellavue Grace Bellavue
If Adelaide is boring, you just don’t know the right people. It’s probably the most ridiculous club in the country.
Grace, the Council was split on the meaning behind your message but all approved it. You have been granted your Adelaide Visa.

4. @mjrowland68 Michael Rowland
The @cmail_qld cracks the sads over Brisbane being pipped by “dreary Melbourne, boring Adelaide and congested Sydney” as a liveable city.
The Council finally decided not to shoot the messenger and reject your Adelaide Visa, so congratulations. In fact, we granted you one (we’ll be happy to present it to you live on your show). However, the news is not good for the Courier Mail. They got rejected, and have been notified thus via @couriermail.

5. @itingsarah i-ting sarah chua
@farahloh i agree with you. I cant wait to go back. Adelaide is still the same..as boring as ever! Any plans for you to visit Australia atm?
That tweet was in response to one by @farahloh Farah
@itingsarah Same here. Not much changes but a place that will be miss if i am away from it. How’s Adelaide?
This was an easy case for the Council, Sarah. Adelaide Visa revoked. But your friend, Farah, got let off as her comment was outside our jurisdiction.