In episode 021, we had three cases.

Sumen issued this tweet through the week:
Weather-related tweets are so boring, but 45 tomorrow. 46 ON THURSDAY. #Adelaide
It was agreed there was irony at play here. No case to answer.

Lesley Johns from Precise Media was caught sharing this gripe about TV news in Adelaide:
What is going on in Adelaide’s TV newsrooms? Dumbing down and boring hour long services is not working. #notnews #liftthestandard
This tweet sparked heated debate among Council members who ultimately decided that the use of the term boring here was NOT being directed at Adelaide. No case to answer.

Following Kate’s close call with the Council last week, this week she tweeted this to clear the air:
@BoringAdelaide I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I do love Adelaide 🙂
The Council decided quickly that such a clear statement should earn Kate a Visa. Visa granted.