In episode 020, we had three cases.

Kate was caught sharing this tweet, which demanded attention from the Council:
@RespectLGillies @lovexxliz Adelaide can be boring as well but I wouldn’t change it really 🙂
After discussion, it was agreed that Kate was most likely praising Adelaide but there was concern over the use of the term ‘boring’. She was put on the watchlist.

Grace had previously been granted an Adelaide Visa for defending the city but a tweet through the week caught the attention of the Council:
You love Adelaide quiet, peaceful and boring when you can afford to leave at a whim.
After much discussion, it was agreed Grace was most likely defending Adelaide against people who have means, who live here, but who dash elsewhere to meet their needs instead of investing time and effort into the community. But this was not completely clear. Watchlist.

Sean Maynard is a journalist at SAFM and was caught tweeting this:
World Tennis Challenge? Yeah no thanks #Adelaide #starspasttheirusebydate #boring #bringbacktheAAPTchampionship
The Council thought the use of the term ‘boring’ was unhelpful but Sean escaped having his Visa revoked because it was agreed he was talking about the tennis and not the city itself. Watchlist.