In episode 018 we only have one case, that of Petra Starke and Rundle Mall at Xmas.

@PetStarrPetra has been long known to the podcast crew but a tweet about her recent Rundle Mall article caught the eye of Co-Councillor Steve:
#Adelaide’s Rundle Mall: the land Christmas forgot. My @thetiser column on our sad shopping strip
The column sparked a tinsel parade of commentary on social media in response to Petra’s criticism of Xmas decorations, or lack thereof, in Rundle Mall. The Councillors discussed the issue at length with Co-Councillor Nigel One suggesting a leaf be taken out of the Las Vegas town planning book where an old mall had a full length canopy added to it, trapping cool air from the mall’s shops and providing a screen for high-tech, overhead displays. Ultimately, the Council decided to place Petra on its watch list, given that although some of the comments in her article were of a cheeky or even snarky nature, overall it was balanced and every city needs to be robust enough to take criticism on the chin and learn from it.