SA Drink Of The Week

The South Australian Drink Of The Week is how we launch our show each week. We taste a locally made wine, beer, spirit or soft drink and critique it in a not-so-conventional way. Looking for a good drop? Browse through our tasting notes.

Galway Pipe Grand Tawny tasting notes

One of our guests for episode 201 of The Adelaide Show, Matt Taylor, provided a bottle of Galway Pipe Grand Tawny with a difference for our SA Drink Of The Week. Matt has allergic reactions to red wine but Tawny does not affect him, thus he went to the "king among...

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Limoncello by Madge

We went fully homemade, Italian-style, for our 200th episode, with our SA Drink Of The Week being Limoncello by Madge Violi. Madge shared her technique for making the lemon-based spirit which basically amounts to soaking lemon rind in spirit for about 40 days. During...

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Bickfords Pomegranate Juice concoction

For episode 199 of The Adelaide Show Podcast, the SA Drink Of The Week was a Bickfords pomegranate juice concoction put together by our guest, Mark Thomson. Mark had been suffering from a cold, so had opted for his "go to" mixture of rum, ginger, honey, and Bickfords...

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2011 Coriole Shiraz tasting notes

While sitting with Michael McGuire, author of Never A True Word, for episode 198 of The Adelaide Show podcast, the team conducted a live tasting of the 2011 Coriole Shiraz. Coriole Vineyards is a sponsor of Wakefield Press and it was kind enough to lubricate our...

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2012 Coriole Sangiovese Shiraz tasting notes

In episode 197 of The Adelaide Show Podcast, we tasted the 2012 Coriole Sangiovese Shiraz, while interviewing Bruce Munday about his book, Those Wild Rabbits, out through Wakefield Press. As it happens, Coriole Vineyards is a great supporter of important, local...

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2012 Kersbrook Hill Cabernet Sauvignon tasting notes

At the National Motor Museum in Birdwood, we did a U-turn and opened a local wine, the 2012 Kersbrook Hill Cabernet Sauvignon, for a return review as the South Australian Drink Of The Week in episode 196 of The Adelaide Show. And what a surprise it was. The director,...

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2015 Beresford GSM McLaren Vale

The 2015 Beresford GSM from McLaren Vale is youthful but delivers a regal experience on the palate. Our guest, in Adelaide Show episode 195, artist Nick Leaver, procured this wine, and a 2015 Beresford Cabernet Sauvignon, from his art exhibition sponsor, Beresford...

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2015 Barossa Valley Shiraz The Bishop tasting notes

Way back in 2013, we had The Bishop by Ben Glaetzer as the South Australian Drink Of The Week. It was the 2010 vintage and this week for episode 194 of The Adelaide Show, we had the 2015, courtesy of our guest, Mark Aiston. There were fond memories for Steve of the...

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2014 BK Wines Cult Syrah tasting notes

These 2014 BK Wines Cult Syrah tasting notes were recorded as part of episode 193 of The Adelaide Show podcast. We learned from Ash, Steve's wine shop guy, that while many people interchange Shiraz and Syrah, you will find that Syrah is the preferred term for...

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Barley Stacks Wines Shiraz 2008 and 2013 The Peninsulas

Most South Australians love Yorke Peninsula and Barley Stacks Wines Shiraz has just given us another reason to love it, with these two South Australian Drinks Of The Week. These tasting notes for the Barley Stacks Wines 2008 and 2013 Shiraz, were recorded as part of...

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Red Cacao Hot Chocolate tasting notes

For the first time ever, the South Australian Drink Of The Week is a hot chocolate and, in particular, a Red Cacao Hot Chocolate. For episode 191 of The Adelaide Show, Steve tried a Red Cacao Dark Chocolate and Nigel tried the Red Cacao Aztec Chocolate, and both were...

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2014 Wirra Wirra Church Block McLaren Vale

There is a sweet sense of victory behind the choice of Wirra Wirra Church Block McLaren Vale as the South Australian Drink Of The Week on episode 190 of The Adelaide Show Podcast. After watching fellow podcasters, Pickles and Bonz, at the recent Adelaide Podcast...

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