Here are the latest reviews of plays, music, festivals, art, museums – you name it. This section is kicking off with our reviews of Adelaide Fringe 2017 productions. Enjoy.

Mikelangelo Sings Cave – Waits – Cohen

The original Michelangelo took painting to new heights by turning the bible into a masterpiece. Mikelangelo Sings Cave - Waits - Cohen sees a brave performer take on the canon of three, immortal songwriters and sculpts them into his own works. These songs would have...

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Razi: Mesmerise

This is Razi’s third time at the Fringe and he rapidly opened with some card work and some sleight of hand. This was followed up by a cleanly performed 3 Rope Mystery trick. Razi then moved on to a series of tricks with a Rubik’s cube where he could really show some...

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Best of Adelaide Comedy – Rhino Room

The show and hence this review did not go exactly to plan, but in a good way. Due to lower than desired ticket sales a couple of shows were combined, Best of Adelaide Comedy and Adelaide Next Generation. Although we’d seen Next-Gen a few days earlier, the nature of...

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Barista Chronicles: A shot of pure Fringe

NOTE: Maria has informed us she will now be doing two extra shows, March 18 and 19, 2017, at 3.15pm I’m old school when it comes to the Adelaide Fringe. I like seeing simple shows that hold a mirror up to ourselves, rather than the razzle-dazzle of big spectaculars or...

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The Expert at the Card Table aka How to cheat at cards

Based on the bible of card manipulation; “sleight of hand, cheating and legerdemain” the show is part live tutorial from the book of the same name by the mysterious S.W.Erdnase and part “How the hell did he do that!”. Jden starts with an introduction and background to...

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John Bennett: Fire in the Meth Lab

John has been around with this performance for a few years now and it’s a pity he’s not getting larger local crowds, considering his tale is local. Extremely well performed, the story of how a fire in a meth lab was in some way a good thing is well worth hearing....

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Astonish: Sense of Wonder

Robbie Kay put together a slick performance. Tied in a dream and some family history; he weaves an enthralling story including the audience. Starting with a trick using a mobile phone from an audience member, to show how you can do tricks with modern technology. Then...

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Rhino Room Late Show: How did Fleety get back into SA?

No idea how Fleety got back into SA. I’m pretty sure we, as in The Adelaide Show, shut down his visa a few years ago but there he was. Emcee. He promptly set up a great laid back atmosphere, which was useful because this show gave Return of the King a run for its...

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Alicia Norton is One Beer Weird: Outsourcing life

Alicia was a welcoming sight, dancing away at the front of the cosy Nook as we filled the room. A bubbly Gen-Y, describing herself as a woman man-child, put on a fine show with plenty of audience involvement, the sort of involvement you want. You’re there to help her,...

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Pat McCaffrie: Democracy doesn’t work

NOTE: This is Nigel's review. To see Steve's, click here: Pat McCaffrie by Steve. Pat’s alt-left production is great. He really makes really great comedy. The best Comedy. Comedy gold. If you are partial to making the USA great, Aussie bogon politics or being a...

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Welcome To My Cuntry: Enter if you’re curious and brave

Some people spend their lives, fumbling in the dark, feeling for cuntry, and when they find it, they discover how unprepared they are for its mysteries. So too, the hapless theatre goer who steps into Welcome To My Cuntry: There's No One Here So Come On In, if they...

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They say “What happens in the Cave…stays in the cave” and Mick the MC is probably so grateful of that. The show started late, which wasn’t an issue, there’s a nearby bar however that sign, a sign I’m not sure Mick saw coming, was for a long and I imagine difficult...

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